Any pink Guccis?

  1. Hello,

    I am thinking of adding a Gucci to my collection that already has a Chanel, an LV and a Dior. The only thing is, pink is my favorite color and I wonder if Gucci has ever made a pink horsebit hobo?
  2. hmm there are 2 really cute pink guccis on their site, though both fabric:

  3. ^^Thats cute.

    In the spring/summer they came out with a BUNCH of pink stuff. No horsebit hobo. But several other styles in light pink gucci fabric. Its not on the site anymore, musta went with the sale.
  4. I want the gucci wristlet with pink trim. It's so cute.
  5. Pink Guccissima Meduim horsebit hobo
  6. they made the special edition hot pink hobo that Jessica Simpson has..otherwise there were Light Pink Tote Bags and Abbeys. I use to own a light pink tote. i really liked it. it was so adorable =)