Any Pink /fuchsia Chanel Flap?

  1. Hi ladies,

    Just wondering anybody sees a hot pink / pink / fuchsia Flap bag anywhere ? I called the 800 Chanel number, and some NM & Saks, but none of the bags are available in this color at all...

    I really want to get a pink one before the price increases, really don't matter what kind of leather it is....

    Thanks for your help!!!:heart:
  2. I was at the NM in Dallas TX (Willowbend mall) yesterday and I saw a beautiful pink flap I'm sure its still there.
  3. Just spoke to a SA at NM San Francisco and she told me they have a Pink Classic flap in stock.
  4. Thanks Tara One and Totoro, do you know it's a pale pink or bubble pink ? thanks!
  5. Oh, I don't know...she said it was in the back and with all the commotion of the trunk show I didn't ask her to bring it out.
  6. Thanks Totoro for asking for the info !!!! Could you please pm me your SA's details so that I can call her up and ask?

  7. just to bring out the old thread as I was searching. Is there any more light pink or light purple flap? Have those been discontinued? I don't really like the new pink or rose color in 2008. eBay has a couple of auctions, but that's about it. Has the light pink, bubblegum pink, and lilac (light purple) flaps been discontinued? :crybaby:Gosh, I wish I started collecting chanel bags earlier. I found the color prettier and the price a lot cheaper