Any Pink Chanel Bags Still On Sale?

  1. I really wanted to have a pink bag... Anything in Pink on Sale?
  2. hahaha Rica!! you're on a roll arent you?!!
  3. ^LOL.. No No Jen! Haha! I just never had a pink bag ever since and I want one.. Huhuh.. :sad:
  4. And just hoping I can still get advantage of the sale (if it's still on sale..)
  5. ohh that's right! I remember you were telling me about the pink julianne. are you looking for any specific style?
  6. ^I'm currently looking at a Pink Luxe Bowler.. But I think it's way too out of budget already for me... If you can lurk me into something cheaper or let's say... ON SALE.. Heheh! That would be great! :biggrin:
  7. ohhh the pink luxe bowler!! ack, I'll continue this over email, LOL! I feel like we turned this into our personal thread convo.

    sorry ladies! please let Rica know if you see anything :yes:
  8. i bought a pink pochette on sale in germany... :nogood:
    it was a limited edition from summer 2006 with very cute valentine heart prints on it.
  9. I thought the pink/salmon lux bowlers were on sale? I want a light pink Chanel and I'm going to wait until next year to see what they come out with. You could always save your money and hold out.
  10. ^Yes, but it's still quite expensive (I think..) How much is the Pink Luxe Bowler there on sale right now?
  11. I've been looking for the pink mini flap. Let me know if you see it!
  12. I paid $2160 for my pink bowler and I think they went on sale for something like $1500. It's not cheap by any means, but at Chanel's going rate it's a bargain!
  13. ^Thanks for the info! :biggrin: Yes, it is cheap.. But the price range is already high for me. LOL.. Need to save up.. I've been buying a lot lately.. HOw about the Pink Caviar Bowler? Any sighting??
  14. I'll let u know when i see it. I remember NM still has pink pochette.