Any pictures of 08 Sky blue w/ & w/out GSH?

  1. Would love to see.;)
  2. Is sky blue available yet? I thought it was coming with the bright yellow and the others for the main collection.
  3. Here's a NM spy pic. :ninja: I love this color.

  4. wow! that's beautiful!!
  5. Sky blue is available the Turq is what you may be thinking of
  6. I am getting a Sky Blue Courier in a few weeks (I am SO impatient though!) and I will be sure to post pictures of that when it gets in. The colour is really stunning in person - almost a robin's egg blue. Much richer and prettier (in my opinion) than the '05. The leather I have seen on these has been spectacular too!
  7. how close is the sky blue to EB?
  8. ^Um, it's not close at all.
  9. Murphy66, That is a gorgeous picture, depicts Sky Blue the way I remembered it. It is a gorgeous blue!!! BTW you always post gorgeous picture. :drool:

    Goldilocks10023, SB is a light blue as opposed to the deeper darker shade of EB.
  10. thanks pinkboudoir ;)
  11. Yes, I think murphy's spy pic is very accurate. It's a really pretty colour but completely different from EB. I have an EB coin purse and when I get my Sky Blue Courier I will post comparison pictures. :yes:
  12. Which Neimans are those Spy pics from? I love their display!
  13. would love to see this color...i haven't seen too many tPFers going crazy for this color...not to mention no pics of it.