Any pictures carrying the large MJ black bowler????

  1. Hi! Just wondering if anyone out there has any pictures carrying the Marc Jacobs bowler for size purposes- You know, the one that caused a chain reaction at the bloomies 40% off sale:P A fabulous chain reaction, right???!!!!!! All I see are stock photos in the threads. Thanks!!:flowers:
  2. mischabartonshortsinbeverlyhil9.jpg ifqycj.jpg
  3. Thanks! I was wondering the same thing- is it too large?? I can't wait to get mine from Bloomingdales!!!:yahoo: It looks like it isn't too big.
  4. Unless you are petite (definition is 5ft4 & under right?) like me, Large should be fine. =) My SA (regular height) looks FAB with Large. The major difference between the 2 sizes is the thickness of the bag.
  5. ita w/bag.lover: if you are petite height, the bowler might be overwhelming. I am 5'3 and I looked as if i was carrying a carry-on luggage when i tried on the chalk large bowler. keep in mind that the bowler is a very structured bag and has a very thick base underneath (6 inches i believe on the large one). i myself own the Mj medium round hobo which measures 17 by 14 inches and liked the size of this bag...the slouchiness made this bag smaller than its measurements.
  6. It's all relative, what one person considers "big" isn't the same as another person, regardless of height/build. I'm 5'5" and still thought the large bowler size was big for everyday use, I liked the "cuter" look of the smaller one on my arm. Obviously also depends on what you carry in them. Neither of the sizes can be worn over the shoulder (even if you have super thin arms, as madie points out, the width of the bag and length of straps make it impractical to carry that way).
  7. the pic above of Misha Barton, is she carrying the small or large bowler? Thanks!!
  8. I think that pic is of the SMALL bowler..I have seen both and I beleive its the small one in the pic??ANYONE?
  9. ^ I think it's the small too.
  10. the large is perfect on mischa! i tried it on today (the patent lrg) and it's huge on me! then again i'm too short - 5'1. i think it would look great on people who are 5'4 and above. i still want one though :smile: i can't wait to get mine too.
  11. (source: ebay/asecondchanceresale)

  12. Just learned to copy the pictures onto here (attached pics become smaller). =)

  13. I'm falling more and more in love with the bowler...especially the brown one.