Any picture of Dust Bag (corver)?

  1. Hi all !

    I just received my Cabas Mezzo I got from ebay. I have never bought LV from ebay before but this seller was MY POUPETTE seller amd everything looked authentic. I still believe they are authentic but the dust bag came with the purse looked different. I did not realize LV changed dust cover. Did they? I ordered my newest addition Popincourt Haut from eluxury but unfortunately it hasn't arrived yet so there's no way to compare them for now. The one came with it is in light tan or dark ivory color, maybe material is cotton with edges stiched with surger.

    Anyone have a picture of the dust cover , maybe close -ups or tell me what the material is like? The only dust cover I remember was felt like darker material and LV logo on, instead of LOUIS VUITTON. I just need assurance before I go to bed.. :sweatdrop:

    TIA !!
  2. There were definetly thinner cotton/linen type bags that came out! My newest ones have that type of material and now LV has gone back to a thicker one.
    Maybe you could post pics here of yours and we could help!
  3. LV definitely changed the material of their dustbags in 2004. The new dustbags are now yellowish in color and made of 100% COTTON.

    They also changed the material AGAIN this year, but only for the SMALL leather goods and accessories. These are now a very thick, denim-like material.

    But it sounds like you got the correct/authentic type of dustbag. Is it the FLAP type or the DRAWSTRING type?
  4. The tan dust bags were in use until 2004 when LV switched over to the beige ones.
  5. Thanks !! That explains it. Now I feel so much better. I will try to take a picture tomorrow and post it. THe purse I received today was purchased in July, 2005.

    LVxien> It's a Flap kind.
  6. Don't worry I believe you received the real one. You can always post the pictures..
  7. Is it like the bag that's under this Trapeze handbag (which is the drawstring type), or the flap type under the MC Pochette?
    MiniMon 112.jpg LVixen 167.jpg
  8. Ya I agree, before it was the felt tan coloured envelope dustbags, then a linen one with drawstring, but I just bought another bag 2 days ago and it seems like the dustbag is becoming THICKER and more's still a drawstring bag and has the same shade of yellowness as the linen bags, but it's just much more softer....iono....perhaps it's a limited edition?
  9. Looks just like the one under the MC Pochette.

    So as Cecilia says, I might get thicker one with the recent purchase. It should be interesting.

    Oh, I really love this forum. Thanks guys !!! Now I am out of control.. LOL.