Any pics wearing City with Giant hardware?

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  1. Can someone post pics wearing a City with Giant hardware? :flowers: I have had a hard time finding any.

    I am considering buying a black City with Giant hardare for my first bbag and had posted about which hardware to get (I am leaning towards the GGH). I remember some posters said Giant hardware is very busy in the City style. I have only seen Giant hardware in person in the Part-Time style so am looking for pics. I like the Part-Time (and the Work) but think its a little big for my needs.

    If no pics, then any thoughts on this?

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. I think that it depends on whether you choose gold or silver and how that goes with the leather colour. I have a sandstone City with giant gold and it is unbelievably attractive. The flash gold goes with the leather like a dream! I am disgracefully attracted to it.

    (Sorry - no photos currently on offer - feeling f*t but think that bags look best on a body so should be photographed thus.)
  3. Sorry no pics to share, but I have a marine GGH city and I love it. I also thought the PT would be too large for me and the city was a much better size for my needs. I think GH looks great on the city as long as it is a neutral color leather (black, white, marine, the brown shades). A bright color city with GH might be a bit too much going on for a relatively small bag - just my opinion.
  4. Thanks for the advice both of you. I do love the gold on the sandstone. I am interested in a black city, so I am glad to know kate79 that you think it looks good on all neutral colors. I actually did see a pic of a marine city with GH in the photo section and it looked gorgeous! I hope the black looks as good!
  5. here's a pic of my aqua city w/GGH. I found the part-time to be way to big & heavy for me (with giant hardware anyway). Anyway I guess color preference is a personal choice but I love my aqua

    balenciaga 025a.jpg
  6. afcgirl have you considered a black city with silver gh? I think that would look really pretty against the black leather.
  7. I have cafe day with ggh and I have a black city with gsh coming any day now ( can't wait!!!!).I think it is such a personal thing, I really liked the cafe with ggh. I doubt I would have bought it with sgh( had it been available). This time around I really wanted sgh and none of the colors worked for me this season- but oh baby did the black- it was screaming my name. Maybe order one in each color and send the one back that "isn't you". I had a black ggh hobo sent to me last season and sent it back I just wasn't feeling the love. Believe me, you'll know it when you see it!!!!!! I will post pictures when I get my new city!
  8. Sorry- me again. I forgot to say that I LOVE the city with GH. I think it looks awesome. They had a part time Ivory with gh at Barneys too, and I thought they both looked great with the GH. I didn't think either one was too busy.
  9. Thank you so much for the pic! The City looks great on you with the GGH! I love it!

    Blueeyez, yes I have been considering the SGH, but the GGH was my first love so I think I am going to go for it. I wish I could see them both in person to compare though. I must say it is much easier to look at and purchase LV than it is Balenciaga!

    peppermintpatty, thanks for the advice, I wish I could order two but I am probably getting it from Diabro and I can't return it. Oh well!
  10. the contrast of aqua w/ gold hardware is amazing.
  11. I hope this will help you.:smile:
    IMG_2552%20%282%29.JPG IMG_2565%20%282%29.JPG
  12. Here's one using the shoulder strap.