Any pics or anyone seen the Jaune First yet?

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  1. I am dying to see pics of a Jaune First RH!!!
  2. I am still waiting for BalNY to get them.:whistle: It could be this week.:graucho: I can't wait either. :yahoo:I will post pics.:yes:
  3. My SA at NM said that they would be getting them in the next week or so and is going to call me when they come in.
  4. Thanks ladies! Nanaz...I was thinking of you when I made the decision to get a Jaune First! I was hoping BalNY would have had a store pic or 2...
  5. Aww, thanks girlie.:heart: Actually i am really waiting for the Vilet First.:yes: I hope BalNY gets them this week because i am really getting impatient now.:push:
  6. Oh! Violet is good too...It will be stunning in a 1st
  7. Am on the list for the violine and jaune firsts. Still no call from the SA though...they told me that it should get in either this month or next month :sad: