Any pics on new PST in pink and red?

  1. Does anyone have pics of the new PSTs coming out in the pink and red? I am interested however I have not even seen a pic of the new colors. Anyone seen them and can give me an idea what they will look like? Is the red dark like the metallic red, similar to the old reds, etc. Is the pink bubble gum pink? Or more like the softer pink of the older camelia wallets?
  2. If There Is Srsly A Red Pst Im Not Buying Clothes For The Next 3 Months !!!!!!
  3. I read it one of the posts here so that's why I'm interested. It's suppose to be in the new washed caviar however I have no idea what shade of red or pink. I'll see if I can find the post. :yes:
  4. Ohh a red PST???
  5. that red does sound exciting...
  6. im sitting here trying to figure out if i save a certain amount a week by what date i can get it by hahahaha

    do you think it would be around 1500 because thats as much as my pockets expand
  7. I think it will be around $1500 so long as there isn't an increase...
  8. yep with tax and everything its 1500 trust me ive been doing my math too! lol oh and yea sucks but no shopping clothes for 3 months for me either.. how will i live?[​IMG]
  9. omg red....:drool::girlsigh:
  10. if i save 150 a week it will only take two month WOO