Any pics of white metallic reissue s/s08?

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  1. Please I am DYING to see pics of the white metallic...can't quite imagine it and it sounds sooooo angelic....:angel:
  2. Is there a white?
  3. i don't think there is a metallic white. it was just a "i wish" bag.
  4. I saw it in Toronto Holt's Chanel today, the SA told me it's white metallic with g/hw but it looks more like a light gold color. I don't like it, I think it's in a 226 size.

  5. mistake then!

    It would look soo nice if it has grey undertones to a pearly grey/white.

    I hope I can see pics!
  6. i just bought one yesterday in size 226...will post the pix up tonight
  7. Congratulations, can't wait to see your pics! :woohoo:
  8. *B* & i are having a competition as to who is the most desperate to see the white! :lol: ~ selfridges Man described it to me as a pale gold also ~ can't wait to see your pics miraco11 :wlae:
  9. haha girls....sorry im so busy today didnt have the time to post the pix...but will def post it up tomororw....
  10. I saw it in the boutique last week.. I had no clue that it was metallic white til SA told me.It's more golden pearl... would be beautiful for night time :smile:
  11. Thanks for the info! :tup: Did you notice what color hardware?
  12. my SA told me it's G/H
  13. Waiting for the pic miraco11:smile:

  14. No pics yet? :shrugs: