Any pics of the MFF Carly yet??

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  1. Any patent or leather?
    I would love to see if anyone has gotten one today or taken pictures..thanks :P
  2. I've been checking all day! I can't wait to see them....I'm hitting the outlet on Saturday!
  3. I saw them earlier today and they have a cute butterfly print Carly, however, I did not think the leather was all that great. Picked it up and felt it,and it just isn't the same quality as FP, bummer. Sorry, no pics to share. What was I thinking?:shame:
  4. i went today to and i think they looked cheap. honestly maybe it sounds harsh but everything from the new floorset looked cheap. the carly that i would buy if it went clearance was the butterfly print. just my opinion though. sorry no pictures

  5. just posted some pictures in the other thread...

    I agree, some of it did look cheap. some wasn't bad though but I think that's partly because I was expecting MFF and not FP so for MFF it was ok, better than a lot of MFF.
  6. I saw it, too, and did not like it. The bags had hardware like the original Carly's but the bags were really small. The only leathers I saw were brown and black although I had heard that there would be a Jade, it was not at the Philadelphia outlets today.

    On a bright note, all of the remaining MFF Zoes were redlined and 50% off. I got a large one in Teal---Gorgeous!

    No coupons
  7. I want the butterfly one!!!!!! Darnit!
  8. Saw them today. Not impressed enough to buy one.
  9. Roro, can you please post a pic of the teal?
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    Last edited: Sep 15, 2010