any pics of the Mahala in action?

  1. I am in serious drool mode of the Mahala in bronze... between this and the Prada Antik Cervo I'm lusting after, I'm in serious do-do! Better start saving NOW!

  2. I have two Mahalas that I use alot. I also own the Antik Cervo Satchel. I love it but never really use it. I keep saying I need to use the Prada and then I walk out the door with my Mahala:lol:. There are action shots of my Silver Mahala in the Jimmy Choo members' bags thread. Good luck with your decision.
  3. I have the Maddy in bronze. I was using it everyday for awhile and the bronze color wears off pretty easily so keep this in mind...
  4. I have one pic, but its just a beach bum pic where Im wearing baggy shorts and abercrombie tee. lol