any pics of the khaki carly w/brown trim??

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  1. okay I used the stupid search function but I couldn't find anything on it. So does anyone have any REAL pics of the carly with the patent brown trim??
  2. I saw this at Macy's today. It's the slim though not the regular Carly.
  3. This is the large khaki/chocolate. She's beautiful, but unfortunately going back tomorrow because she's just too heavy for me :sad:

    I don't know why the website says it's patent trim, because it isn't :shrugs:

  4. hmm that's what I was wondering cuz I don't want patent trim. i even called cs and they told me it was for sure patent
  5. That's so weird... I got this in the boutique about 2 1/2 weeks ago, but didn't open it up til Christmas morning. The display wasn't patent either. Maybe they have a slim version with the patent?
  6. ok I just called my boutique and they say it's not patent. So it's on hold for me to pick up tomorrow. YAY! I'm so excited! Guess the angora one's going back!
  7. I'm glad you got it all worked out! Enjoy your new bag :yahoo:
  8. I pm'ed you back! ;) The slim carly is the one with the patent, the regular is not patent. :yes:
  9. this bag is beautiful!!! :drool: Did you get it on pce?
  10. Thanks, isn't it? :love: I did get it on PCE. I hate returning it, but my bum shoulder can't handle the weight. Plus I could use the extra $$ back since I've been spending too much on the '06 legacy lately :lol:
  11. YES!!! :drool: But you don't want to have your shoulder hurting :tdown: And I hear you on the 06' Legacy, been there done that!!! :p Did you try the medium Carly at all? :shrugs:
  12. Yeah I even tried getting used to it on my right shoulder, but that didn't work lol. I did originally get the medium, but the drop was too short for my liking. I guess if they ever make the slim with regular leather that would be my best bet. It seems like Carly & I were just not meant to be together :lol:
  13. aww that's too bad... Carly and I had a rough start as well, as in it took me months and many carlys to get one I kept. :p Now I absolutely adore her!!! It is more important to have a bag you love and one that does not hurt you. :tup: I agree the new slim with the patent is odd. it slips right off. Anyway, sounds like you have some beautiful new legacy stuff, so congrats and enjoy!!! ;)