Any pics of the globe shopper logo??

  1. I read about this is John5's post about S/S 07 .. but are there any pics of it outthere??

    TIA everyone..
  2. I REALLY liked this line..I wanted one really badly but they were gone by the time I got around to actually BUYING one. I was too distracted by other things lol.
  3. thanks Twiggers.. Now I know what it is, when I saw it on that site :biggrin: ..
  4. No problem britt!
  5. I always wanted the blue global shopper ahhhhhh
  6. Here is my blue MM

  7. I think the image is probably going to be screen printed on the mono kind of how it appears on the ugly plaid bag
    I hate that bag but I think it hints to how the mono one will be printed :confused1:
  8. Thanks Monogram....that could be something I need to buy...especially if they're just small accessories...mmmmm I see a cles & a ronde in my future LOL