Any pics of the Bleecker Zip Hobo?

  1. I'm thinking about getting the large leather one in black. Is this bag big enough to carry stuff for a toddler? He's potty trained (finally!) and I would be carrying snacks, juice box, wallet, keys, planner. I'm wondering if all that would look weird because of the slim profile of the bag. I tried do a picture search and didn't come up with any...anyone have any? THanks!
  2. I know someone bought this bag on here a while ago. hmmmmm...
  3. If you're talking about this one, I have it in british tan. It would not fit all of what you listed in it (it might, but would be very bulgy and you'd never get it zipped LOL). It's quite slim. I carry a cell phone, Bleecker mini skinny, the tattersall wristlet, and the Bleecker capacity wristlet comfortably. It's a beautiful bag though and I :heart: it!

    Edit: The inside is the satiny tattersall material and I suspect stains easily.
  4. I don't have any pics but I have seen the Bleecker zip hobo IRL (bought a medium and returned it) and its slim profile plus the fact that it won't stand on its own when you put it down makes (there is no base at all and the heavy shoulder strap weighs the whole bag down) it quite impractical for the stuff you mentioned (JMHO). Don't know if you ever considered the gallery totes, they'd be more spacious and practical. But maybe someone with the large hobo will chime in and post pics. Good luck!
  5. I went to Coach and decided it was defintely not for was really nice though :smile: I bought a Carly Signature w/the Red Handles...the medium sized one. I really like it, but it might be too small also! I'm so indecisive! Thanks for responding!