Any pics of spring 2014 beige caviar?

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  1. My SA is trying to locate a spring '14 light beige caviar classic flap for me. I was originally going to go for classic beige claire, but I was really looking for more of an ivory color. She says the spring light beige is lighter than classic beige claire, but not quite as light as ivory.

    Does anyone have any pics to post? Comparison pics with classic beige claire would be helpful too, if anyone has any.

  2. I would be interested in this, too. I would love a beige flap but I haven't really liked the colors I have seen so far.
  3. Interested as well!
  4. me too!
  5. I wish they would bring back the pearly beige! So sad that I missed out on that.

  6. Yes, I've only seen pics of it, but it looks beautiful.

    Still hoping someone will post pics of the 14S light beige.
  7. I don't have the Spring Beige in a flap but here it is in the GST. The flap is Beige Clair next to it so you can compare the 2 colors. Both are gorgeous in their own way!

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  8. Hi kath00,
    Do you have the tag or the colour code? If yes, pls share. Thank you!

  9. Thank you! This is exactly the color I want. It's just perfect. I haven't heard back from my SA yet, but I hope she can locate one.

    Enjoy your beautiful bags!
  10. that's a stunning beige color :smile:
  11. Thank you for the photo! Lovely bags.
  12. My awesome SA was able to find the bag for me. She sent me a pic (it's being shipped and I pick it up Friday) and refers to the color as '14 spring/summer beige. I'm thrilled as it is exactly the color I was going for. I felt I would be settling with classic beige Claire since the color was darker than what I really wanted. I was also debating between SHW and GHW, but this color is only available in silver, so the decision was made for me.
  13. That's great news! Happy for you! Can you share with us the pic your SA sent?
    Please do a reveal when you receive the bag!
  14. Wow, sounds amazing! If you can share any pix with us, that'll be awesome!
  15. Here's the pic that my SA sent me. I do love the color, but I hope that a light colored jumbo won't look huge.

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