Any Pics of people wearing Ergo Medium hobo?

  1. I'm picking up my hobo tomarrow and I haven't seen it in real life yet and I'm so nervous! I'm getting the medium sized hobo in camel and I was wondering if there are pics of any of you gals wearing it with actual stuff in the bag so I can see how it slouches. lol I can't beleive I'm getting this bag, I didn't think I would! :p
  2. Candy:

    Please see pictures of Katriese831 and her white medium Ergo. I have the medium as well but don't have an actual picture of me wearing it. It would be the perfect size for you as you like smaller bags and they do look nice on you. For me it was just too small. I carry alot of stuff and even on days when I don't it's nice to know that if I want to fill my bag up I can.

    I think that you will love your Ergo Hobo. It will slouch more and more as you wear it. Do enjoy it and congratulations on having a second bag to wear. It is nice to have choices in bags as they are two different colors and will work with different outfits in your wardrobe.

    The Ergo is my favorite line which is why I went a little overboard during the PCE. I don't want to be without a bag when Coach stops manufacturing them so I decided to stock up.

    kind regards,

    I got my Ergo! (pics)
    I went to Coach today expecting to order the Ergo Hobo, but they had it in the back! Woohoo! :wlae:

    I picked out the medium sized one in white, which is perfect for me (I'm nearly 5' 9"). It's already summer in SoCal, so I'm ready to use it right away! The leather is beautiful, and the bag is a lot roomier than I thought it would be. Thanks to all you tPFers who encouraged this buy!

    Hobo 1
    Hobo 2
    Hobo 3

    My Wish List

    Ergo Hobo in White got it! 3/23
    K initial charm
    Signature Loop Cell Lanyard in Black
    Ergo Leather Wristlet in White
    LV Mono Speedy 30
  3. I bought a signature ergo hobo (medium). I know you bought leather, but I thought I'd add my two cents.

    I think the size is just fine - actually it's bigger than I thought it would be.

    But here's the thing - it's totally stiff! The handle/strap is really stiff and is flat, it's not rounded at all like it is in the pictures. So it sits really weird. But maybe it will work itself out after there is some stuff in the purse.
  4. Thanks Liz you're too sweet. I'm happy I will now have 2 Coach bags and I didn't have to sell one to get the other! It looks LOVELY and I would have gotten the white if my Legacy Shoulder wasn't.

    I guess I'll just beat the tar out of it so until it relaxes and slouched more to my liking. >=)

    Thanks Rand! I'm hoping the size will be just right! *hug*
  5. Glad the photos helped :smile: Can't wait to see yours when it arrives!
  6. I just got a black Med Hobo. It replaced my black Legacy Hippie Shoulder bag (also got sunglasses - hobo was less than the hippie.)

    I lost the turnlock (this was my 2nd turnlock trauma) so decided to trade for a bag without a turnlock.

    I'm liking it - the hobo. It didn't go on my shoulder as easily as I'd like over my coat but is fine without a coat. I'm guessing it will soften up a bit.
  7. KKKKate:

    Enjoy carrying your hobo. I am so glad that you like it.
    I love the Ergo Line. I sure hope it stays around at least until the year end.

  8. I got the brown signature hobo from the Coach store but when I went to the Nordstroms and Macy's I noticed that they have the signature bags trimmed in camel. This is a color combination that is not in the coach stores. I went to Coach to inquire about the color and the sa also told me that there are some stores that have the bag trimmed in blue and there may also be a black/white. :shrugs: