any pics of MC beverly??? any photoshop experts? lol

  1. i would LOVE to see some pictures of the new mc beverly.
    if anyone can photoshop a photo like they did with the damier neverfull, it will be great..
    and do you know if it will come in all sizes or just GM?? thanks!!:okay:
  2. me too...& price as well.
  3. it will come in gm and mm.
  4. thanks jj.. do you know about how much??/
  5. no clutch? but they discontinued shirley! booo!! mc beverly clutch would look nice. i too would like to know the price.
  6. still no pics?? :shame:
    i actually tried editing some photos myself.. but i photoshop skills SUCK!!!!!:blush:
  7. Cant wait to see!
  8. I need to see pics too! I LOVE the Bev GM!
  9. Hope this worK!
  10. Yeah!, sorry, this is as far as I can do, and really I've try the white MC, but couldn't do it! some one please !
  11. Ehh.. I think I'll stick with the mono.. jmo.. :p
  12. Ruktam thanks for the photoshopping! I am not sure I am sold on this though, there is still an awful lot of vachetta to worry about.
  13. Thank you so much for the picture 'ruktam'. :flowers:

    Your photoshop skill helps us a lot.
  14. that is great photoshop looks just like it don't stress over white it's only coming black I think
  15. I wish they would do this MC in the beverly clutch.....:crybaby: