Any pics of LV fine jewelry?

  1. I know we all drool over the gorgeous LV bags, but does anyone buy any of the LV fine jewelry? The monogram bracelet (gold and/or pave) looks soo gorgeous, as does the LV pave padlock pendant (for which both pave pieces are unlisted price...eek). I'm sure these pieces are well out of my budget, but would love to live vicariously through someone else. Any lucky ladies own these piece and would like to share?
  2. A few members on the board have fine jewellery.. umm, I think Star has the bracelet, and someone else has the name plate necklace. Anyone ?
  3. Anyone?
  4. I wish!!!!
  5. I was planning on getting the monogram twist ring for myself in early 2008 but that plan hasn't gone very far. I've seen tons of fine jewelry pieces in Hong Kong (including the diamond studded padlock...if I remember correctly it was around $145,000 HK which is like $20k! But...I thought it'd be more...hmmm maybe I'm thinking the wrong thing) and they are absolutely AMAZING.
  6. Oooooh.... if I wish really, REALLY hard, do you think my DH will bring that back from China for me? :roflmfao: YEAH RIGHT.

    He IS in China right now, and he is going to be in Hong Kong later this week, and it WAS my birthday yesterday, and he told me he was going to buy me something in China, but I think his budget is probably around $100. (Good thing I know how to spend $$ on LV!!!)
  7. A fellow tPF'er, KathyD, owns the gold ID necklace... it's gorgeous!
  8. I want to get this bracelet in gold...


    I saw a woman once at the hotel I used to work, with the diamond LV padlock:drool:...

  9. I Have the white gold charm bracelet with three charms...The globe,snowmanand the cherries....I love it and its worn every day without any probelms...:tup:
  10. OMG that padlock would be TDF!
  11. ^^^it is once I inquired for the price and I was like:wtf::nuts::drool:
  12. I have the white gold Monogram bracelet and a white gold and diamond fleur ring which like birkin girl I wear mine most days without any probs
  13. Would you pls indulge us in some pics?? :flowers:
  14. ooh i can't wait, can we have pics?
  15. the pad lock in white gold with diamonds is $17,300.00