Any pics of Khaki Baby Cabas

  1. Hey ~~
    Does anyone have a photo with a Khaki?
    Would Love to see one!
    Thank you
  2. Me too Lisa!! My SA says the color is more bronze. I would love to see the color, since that is the on I am on the wait list for.
  3. My waiting list is full:crybaby: but I may go stalk some other stores once I have an idea what it looks like ...
  4. awwwwwww would love to see a pic of this beauty
  5. I don't have a pic but saw one. Definitely more bronze than khaki. It had the longest waiting list! :yes:
  6. I would probably really love it then ...
  7. It's gorgeous!
  8. I'm on the waiting list- my SA says it is very similiar to the khaki in the luxe line-a deep bronze color. I hope so---I love that color:love:
  9. kind of makes you think they would have called it bronze then :confused1:
    Regardless I'm sure its stunning and sure to stun my wallet when I see it!
    Hey, what kind of time frame are they giving you for coming in?
    Thank you!!!!
  10. My SA @ BDs NYC said she should start receiving them sometime the week of the 13th, but it could be delayed. They are getting 6 each of the following colors~~~~
    And I know she named other colors, but it was not the teal or the dark blue.
  11. The SA I talked to at Ala Moana calls it bronze. They're only getting 4!!! I'm like 3rd after that if those people don't want it. They're getting 12 black so I'm also on that list for sure. She didn't even mention teal. I think gold, silver, and blue were also limited like the bronze. White must have been same as the black. I also called the one in Waikiki and they're only getting limited of the bronze and blue which the list is full also. I want the bronze but if not I guess I have to settle for the black.
  12. someone has to get one and post a pic
    Promise I'll try not to drool on the thread :roflmfao:
  13. oh i wonder if they make it in patent leather.. the baby cabas i mean!
  14. Boy this color sure has us in suspense :sweatdrop:
  15. I'm really "joansing" here :nuts: :drool: :nuts:
    -- to see a khaki pic.