any pics of a bocce being worn?

  1. hey guys!

    i'm considering getting a bocce since i rather like smaller purses, but after seeing some pics, i'm afraid it might be TOO small! does anyone who has a bocce of any print have a picture of what it's like worn?? thanks so much!:yes:
  2. It's tiny, sorry I don't have one but my friend has the Inferno. She can only carry her mobile phone, some credit cards and a bunch of keys, and she loops her belt through it so it dangles from the waist, when she goes to nightspots.
  3. It is tiny--there's one in my avatar of my toddler carrying it. it's perfect size for a little one.
  4. Bocces are so tiny they fit in the palm of your hand. If you want a smaller purse maybe consider a bambino? It looks small but still fits quite a bit for its size.
  5. Just a heads up, the Bocce is so tiny that you can hardly find whole characters on it, most get beheaded :sad:
  6. i love bocces! and they can be random cut offs,but sometimes you can find awesome placements.

    i currently own 5
    here is a picture of 1 of them...
    they may be tiny but they fit quite a bit. i use mines for work. I can fit my denaro,
    cellphone and digital camera!