Any pics of 25cm Lizard Birkins w/ owners in action??

  1. How do the owners like these lizard skins? Hard to maintain? How do you carry the 25cm? Just for evening or daytime too?

  2. ^ I thought of Star777.
  3. here's a pic of me and my 25 lizard birkin :


    lizard skins are not hard to maintain. my bag is a couple of years old and i have seen any cracks or discoloration. for reference, i'm 5"4 tall and very pregnant (6 mos when this pic was taken). i carry this bag for dinner or cocktail outings as well as brunch or parties!
  4. Oh, PazT! You look spectacular with your hot lizard Birkie!!
  5. ^ sorry, i meant "i have NOT seen any cracks or discoloration..."

    sue - thank you! you look awesome yourself with your 25 birkins!
  6. OMG! PAZ! What a stunning 25cm! I LOVE it SO much!:wtf::heart::heart::nuts:
    I wear my black lizard 25cm ALL the TIME!!! I went to an affair for private jets 2 weeks ago(what a party! NO WE DID NOT BUY A PRIVATE JET!! Just were invited and went to see it on the owners lawn:wtf:, it was a crazy house too, OMG!) I wore it with jeans, black top alot of jewellery:rolleyes:! Then after cocktails there was an opera in their gardens, I really, really enjoy this bag at night!!! I got something on it and wiped it off with a damp cloth,then dried it immediately, no problems at all. I LOVE this bag, it is essential for me because for example - I did not intend to go to the party but my DH called me from the party(he was with his best friend) and said"YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS HOUSE!!! GET READY I am picking you up in 10 minutes!" I put on my jeans, fancy black top, jewels,Lizard Birkin and voila! I looked pretty hot for a pregnant lady!!!! Anyhow here are some old pics!!
    90.jpg p.jpg 89.jpg 10.jpg 9.jpg
  7. A few more:pomg, Iwas really thin, will I ever be the same....:sweatdrop:
    11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 16.jpg 18.jpg
  8. patz, you look fabulousss:tup:.
  9. starrrrr - gorgeous! i'm glad you resurrected those pics, coz we surely miss them!!!!!

    thank you all!
  10. Star-you gorgeous woman!
  11. Absolutely gorgeous, Star! I love, love, love those pix!
  12. Patz and Starr - absolutely gorgeous. A perfect jeans or dressy birkin. I have a vintage lizard kelly that is 43 years old. The skin is still perfect. IMO lizard wears very well. I have to get one! How much, if you don't mind my asking?
  13. Thanks ladies:heart:
    Hummingbird, I got my lizard in Boston Hemes for.....$8100!!! or something like that! I know it started with a low $8000 number, can't remember exact number but isn't that AMAZING considering it is almost $18,000 on eBay?!!! I NEVER by on eBay for this reason, it is SO much less expensive to buy from Hermes!!
  14. Thanks Starr for the info. I hope I have a chance of getting an order filled on this lizard bag. I must have it, now that I see it in action. A fab, elegant bag. I'm so glad to see this thread.
  15. Pazt: stunning you look sooo happy !!!, Star wow gorgeous girl you are, I hardly didn't even noticed the bag :p