any pics/input re: actually using your H keychain as a keychain??

  1. so, i'm sitting home with my back thrown out, with nothing better to do than shop for H. fortunately, i have found a very indulgent & sweet SA at H (woo hoo!), and she's helping me occupy myself :smile: anyway, among other things (ahem, turquoise 'les triples' cough cough), i have the chance to get one of those darling little eiffel tower leather keychains in BJ, and i really want one, but can't put it on my vespa, as the vepsa has gold hardware, and the keychain is silver. but my SA was pointing out that i *could* actually use it as a keychain.

    does anyone actually do this? i'm worried about it (a) getting really beaten up, and (b) that the chain might not be sturdy enough to actually be used as a daily-use keychain. what do you all think? i only need to have about 4 keys on it, but still...i wonder if it would hold that much comfortably?

    :love: as always, thanks!
  2. You could always purchase a gold chain at a hardware store or something like that. They've got to make them.

    or put it on your Vespa I bet it would look ok by the strap.

    I do not use my H key chains for keys as I carry too many. I would be worried about the chain breaking.
  3. I use my pear as my Keychain. About four 'normal' keys, and one big key for my stupidly large car (DH had to make the hold larger in the Key, though, for the little ball end to fit through! It DOES get beaten up (and has been chewed by my 8 month old) I wouldn't do it if you want to keep it pristine. Having said that, if I hadn't let her chew it, it wouls probably still be OK....hang on...I'll take a pic.....
  4. I use my owl keychain w/o any problems. It's quite secure. I have it for awhile now..and it still looks pretty new. (note I am not a careful person AT ALL).
    it enjoyed some In&Out hamburger sauce on first day outing. Wiped it right off. no goes on.

    so yes! go for it!
  5. Okey we go....

    I'm about to change it to an etoupe carmen, but haven't got around to it yet.....
  6. LOL...see the teeth marks? She only has two, but she does some damage!!
  7. you can fix it in a snap -- take it to a jeweler and have the chain gold plated. :yes:

  8. Too cute!! :heart: Makes that key chain even more special huh?
  9. Oooooh, you can get a carmen in etoupe?
  10. :yes: - yep! :heart:
  11. YES! I LOOOOOVE it! It's SOOOO soft!!!
  12. I broke a grape charm after using it for a short time as an actual keychain. The chain was sad....:cry: , but I think that some of these charms are stronger than others.
  13. thanks everyone....especially GF, thank you SO much for the pic - that was so sweet of you :smile: and i agree with the PP who said it makes the pear even more special....but LOL at the teethmarks :smile: at least we know your little one has good "taste"...ROFL!

    thanks DH is about to become a HHH, i think....he just said "okay, i just have to say this: $100 for a keychain?!?" tee hee....guess i better not mention the pochette ;)
  14. Wait a minute. You have a PEAR? Whenja get a PEAR? Last time I looked you had a corn.......................

    Where do you guys GET these things?!?!?!?!?!?
  15. ...i saw a raisin the other day.....almost bought it but it was too small for all my keys.