Any pics carrying a blue epi speedy???

  1. HI, i have looked in previous threads but no luck!:wtf:
    I am in desperate need of a blue epi speedy, I just want to see pics of people carrying them before I buy one,:yahoo:

  2. Here is one by Nola...It looks great I think! She is carrying a Myrtille color Epi 25 that is actually a perfect epi size. [​IMG]
  3. here are a few: toledo blue epi speedy 30. I am 5'5.5", 145 pounds.
  4. Oh, the pics are a little more than halfway down the page, btw.
  5. all of you above look great with your blue speedies!
  6. i can show a pic of the myrtille noe if you need it
  7. they are soooooooo pretty!!!:love: I love the toledo!!! are these discontinued ( the colours)? just gotta decide 25 or 30 now!! the 25 looks so petite and sweet!:heart:
    thanks everyone for the response!
  8. yes that would be great if you dont mind!:heart:
  9. My Myrtille Epi Speedy 25
    577.jpg Kuva590.jpg 575.jpg
  10. shoot i am such a dimwit. they're all on my home computer. i did start a thread called eeee i think that should have the pics in it. i also have pics of me and my myrtille speedy in a thread some where too but i don't remember which one...
  11. Omg lol I didn´t notice my pic was already posted :biggrin:
  12. I love the myrtille color. I don't think the speedy is made in that color anymore.
  13. thanks everyone!! do you think the blue colour goes well with everything, or do you jave to wear certain clothes? like do you wear it with black?
  14. :nuts: OOO. :nuts:
    Nola, I love it! Such a gorgeous color, you two look great together :yes: