Any pics and advice on the Coach Legacy Satchel?

  1. Hi Coach fans,

    I generally post on the Kooba forum, but now I feel it's high time I owned a Coach. I'm finding myself drawn to the Legacy satchel in brown, but since I generally prefer short strap shoulder bags, I'm wondering if the satchel will work for me. Do any of you have pictures of your satchels, on or off the shoulder? I'm sure it could help me in my decision since I can't see one in real life at the moment. I'm debating whether to go for a satchel or pick up a gently used Legacy shoulder bag (with the two front pockets) or else buy both! Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. the legacy satchel is heavy! it never worked for me on the shoulder, but i'm also not skinny, lol.

    i have a pic somewhere of my sig legacy satchel...let me find it.
  3. I loooove my Legacy Satchel. It's gorgeous and i get tons of compliments on it. Kallison is right, it is a tad weighty due to the leather and buckles, but it's worth it:heart: I don't have a pic of it off the shoulder, but here is a pic of mine just for fun, it's not brown though, sorry:smile:
  4. I just got mine in the natural color but I think it's going back... it doesn't sit on my shoulder well & is kind of thick to sit comfortably under my arm.

    I was initally drawn to the shoulder bag but now I think it would be too small to hold my stuff so I'm opting for the Mandy instead.
  5. I ordered the khaki yesterday, but tried the scratched up one in the store. It doesn't sit well under the shoulder at all.
    It's a in the crook of your arm bag and it's really heavy.

    I loved the color and look so I decided to go with it anyway.
  6. I agree with the others. The Legacy satchel is really too big/thick to be worn comfortably under the arm. It's definitely a hand or crook of the arm bag. It's still gorgeous though. :smile:
  7. it's not a shoulder bag by any means. It's meant to be hand carried. I have the cotton legacy satchel. I have thin arms, so I can get it on my shoulder, but it doesn't stay there very long as it falls off and cuts into my arm pit.
  8. I have a whiskey satchel and I carry it under my arm a lot. I tend to put a ton of stuff in it so it's usually too heavy to carry in the crook of my arm- though I have done it. Otherwise I'll just carry it in my hand. It's my fav bag- just gorgeous!!
  9. I carry mine on my shoulder all the time. But I don't stuff it full. I think if it was full of stuff it would be really hard to carry on your shoulder. The one annoying thing about it is that when it's on your shoulder you can't get into it at all (if your phone rings or something). You have to take it off the shoulder.

    It is a really heavy bag, but I've had it for 6+ months and I still use it daily. I love it.
  10. Jeez,, Seeing Ktdid's Satchel makes me want one in Whiskey now to! Damnit! LOL I love that bag so much:smile:
  11. well, I would love to have one in Pond :p I bought a shoulder in pond and it's such a gorgeous color!!
  12. Hi, I'm new to TPF, been a lurker for a bit, but first postings today! I have the legacy signature satchel in Khaki/Ebony and adore it. It's definately not comfortable on the shoulder, better hand held or on your arm, but it's a beautiful bag and the legacy lining is TDF! I get compliments all the time!! I've even had a lady on the elevator at work jokingly tell me she was going to kidnap my bag!!
    I also love the color combo so much that I just purchased the signature Ali in the same color.
  13. Sorry I didn't get back to you all sooner, but Internet here went down and I had no access. I feel lost without my purseblog and eBay fix each day, I definitely felt I went cold turkey!

    Thanks for all the replies and photos of your Legacy satchels. It's a beautiful bag. However, I know I am a 'shoulder bag' girl, so if I buy the satchel, I think I need to consider it primarily as a hand held bag. Not a bad idea to have a variety of bags though (for hand and shoulder).... now to try and convince hubby!
  14. if this helps, this is what it looks like on the shoulder

  15. Seeing the pics always makes me want one!