Any photos of Lindsay Lohan

  1. I was just watching the E chanel and it has been reported she is wearing a large rock. Lindsay stated she is not engaged.
    Does anyhone know where tofind a photo?
    On TV appears to be a Pear Shape:yahoo: .
  2. Found it !
    lohanpear.jpg lolohanpear.jpg
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Beautiful ring, but who's the guy? He's not very cute...but if he makes her happy...good for her!
  5. Love the ring appears it came from "HARRY WINSTON"
  6. I think it came from Cartier? I may be wrong though. It's beautiful none the less
  7. He was seen shopping at HW. . .
    it's beautiful, but she's pretty much admitted she can't be monogamous or in a real committed relationship.
  8. ^ I heard that on some radio show, I thought to myself, grow the F@#k up, what is this high school? She said that she feels she should date other people but the other person shouldn't be allowed to, not in those words of course.
  9. With the disposable nature of Hollywood marriages, should we be surprised?
  10. nyet!
  11. Hmmmm....beautiful ring though.
  12. whatever happened to the guy with the long blond hair she dated a while ago? is that him?
  13. So true.... :supacool:
  14. wow, that is a nice rock:nuts: Love the bracelets also.