Any photos of black togo kelly?

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  1. Does anyone have a photo of a black togo, retourne kelly in the 28 cm size, with palladium hardware, that they could post? This is on my wish list, but frankly, I have never seen one in the flesh. I have searched the members items thread, but am not seeing one in there.
    Thanks guys.
  2. jedimaster, I have a clemence retourne Kelly 28 with very fine grain if you would like to see a pic? It is not your typical looking looks like togo with the very soft hand of clemence.
  3. Thank you, isus, yes - I am interested in either togo or clemence, and I think there is in fact a clemence one available now, so I would love to see yours.
  4. I have one but in a 32 cm. Black with gold h/w:
    hermes2.jpg k1.jpg k2.jpg
  5. Rose - love your bag especiall with it all dressed up.
  6. Rose and isus,
    Thanks so much - these are really beautiful.
    Question - is the top handle on the 28 shorter than the top handle on the 32, or are they the same (like with the 30/35/40 birkin bag handles?). I realize this may be hard to answer unless you have both a 28 and a 32, but I seem to recall, Rose, that you compared the two sizes side by side before buying your 32, so maybe you know?
  7. SUSI Gorgeous bag!!!! GORGEOUS! You wear her WELL!!!!
  8. I did, but can't remember. I will measure mine for you and perhaps a 28 cm owner can measure theirs......32 cm handle: 26 cm