Any PFers in Taipei, Taiwan?

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  1. that's the best time for summer fruits!!! If you can still tolerate the heat & humidty, summer is the best season IMO, super sweet fruits, shaved ice, 春水堂.....:drool:
  2. Omg..I want the pudding shaved ice with condensed milk!!
  3. I'm fine in the heat & humidity but I know my husband is going to whine about it.. oh well.. I did drag him to China one time during July and he didn't die.. I'm sure he'll be fine :lol:

    I want 豆花 with lots of 珍珠 in that yummy sweet syrup.. mmm hmmm

    I've never been to 春水堂 before.. it's a chain right? Which one do you usually go to?
  4. I go to the one in Taichung, but they're all over the place!
  5. Their site Icetea , their price is on the high end of bubble tea, but the quality of tea (real good tea leaf!) and aroma is well worth it :yes:
  6. Just want to drop by and wish all of our loved ones are safe from the horrific recent typhoon...:hugs:
  7. bump!
  8. Is anyone going back to Taiwan soon?

    My bf's sister is at the end of the month... Needless to say, I'm handing her a list of things to buy for me (skincare products, sun cake from Taichung, more Clean & Clear grapefruit scented blotting papers). Too bad they cannot smuggle fruit into the US. I'm craving for yuzu.
  9. I love yuzu! And the lian wu.

    I was planning to go back in March, but I got a job so I won't be able to :sad:
  10. I wanted to go back this winter, but will have to postpone the trip until February or March. Hopefully tickets aren't too expensive then.
  11. Anyone tPFers want to meet in January? Going back for oldest sister's engagement luncheon..and then possibly back for New Year's in Feb..anyone gonna be in Taipei or Kaohsiung?
  12. Hi all.. planning a trip back in March :yahoo: read that there's a new mall in the Xinyi district - Bellavista. Has anyone been yet?
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    greetings everyone!! I'm jealous some of you get to go back, be safe and do pig out :graucho:
  14. anybody going to taiwan in april?? wanna meet up? for pigging out and shopping!! my two favorite activities.. and it's what taiwan is all about.. loves it!
  15. Wish I could!! No vacation time this year though :sad: