Any PFers in Taipei, Taiwan?

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  1. I can't believe girls aren't fatter there with all the food!

    You should try the afternoon tea at the Sheraton or the Italian afternoon tea on top of Sogo. Or take the bullet to Kaoshong or check out the temple alley in Fong-Yuan! <-- my mom's from around that area.
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    lol, but once your taste buds gets spoiled by Taiwan's yummy, I'm sure you will loose those extra weight by decline on all the fried food US serves.

    but the food in TW is not packed w/butter like most food here, plus the portions are small and most people walk around places. I miss those mini scooters, Hair Stylist w/real skills, and kk box :yahoo: lukcy me get to hide in winter clothes and pig out hehe.
  3. I hope that's true! I'd better spoil myself next time I'm there!
  4. I think all the girls walk around in Taiwan and are not as lazy as us (I take the bus instead of walk to work on most days :blush:, even though it's only a 15-minute walk away and downhill).

    Thanks for the afternoon tea suggestions. My aunt always take me to Joyce Cafe near the 101. I will try to take photos of the food when I get back to share with you gals too.
  5. I can't wait! I have to live through you :smile:

    Hopefully I"ll get a chance to go to Cali and get some food there.
  6. ugh, why am i stuck in SA, TX :'( Given most pp in my city are 'texas size', I really don't feel big until friends & family from TW visiting....I feel like a giant Oak tree standing next to a pretty flower :mad:
  7. haven't gone back for 3 years =( miss the food... not the crazy price tag for designers...
  8. just got back and from a tour of taiwan and the food is so cheap and yummy!! i need to make the money i'm making in NYC in taiwan...just dreaming. :smile:
  9. lol, that would be great! the food is yummy, but the flavor is not as heavy as I remembered....perhaps I'm used to the greasy salt&butter plus people in Taiwan are eating healthier. Ah, i miss the internet cafe, comic cafe, tea house, and President Egg Pudding (avatar) :drool: Oh, and cheap & stylish hair stylist too!!
  10. I just noticed this thread; I was in Taiwan over the holidays.

    Classic Chic - I was in Taiwan around the same time you were and also spent a week in Tokyo! BTW, I love your avatar; that's my fav brand of pudding.

    ITA, the food in Taiwan is delicious! I can't wait to go back!!
  11. ^ wow, we may be see each other w/o know it! hehe, that pudding is definitely one of my favorite snack in Taiwan, wish i can buy them here in TX :dream:
  12. ^^ I'm in TX too! There used to be an Asian supermarket that carried that brand of pudding in the Dallas area, but they went out of business a couple of years ago. :crybaby: I noticed that there were other Asian supermarkets that have opened up, but I haven't had time to check them out.
  13. LOL that's my favorite pudding too! :nuts:

    My last trip back to Taiwan was last August... but for only 2 days :Push: the time before that was 4 days. I miss the days when I was in highschool/university I'd go back for 2-3 months
  14. kathy, how can you just spend 2 days in TW!? But I guess something is better than nothing, also if you usually stay in JP(based on ur ID?), it's actually more fun the TW IMO :P
  15. I know, sad hey? It was a stopover on my way to the States and the airline would only allow 2 nights max stay otherwise I would have to pay a penalty.

    But not to worry.. we are planning a proper trip back next year! probably sometime June-July.. at least 2-3 weeks this time :biggrin: