Any PFers in Taipei, Taiwan?

  1. I just arrived in Taipei and am dreadfully bored out of my mind. I will be staying here for the duration of the summer and was wondering if any other PFers are currently vacationing or residing in Taiwan. If so, I would love to plan a tPF meet! :wlae:
  2. Awwww, I WISH i was visiting Taiwan this summer!!! :p I was there last summer but I don't know when i'm going back...

    I miss Taiwan!!! The night markets and shopping areas are so much fun! And food is so cheap!!! And yummy!
  3. I'll be there in mid to late August!
  4. I am going back anyone want to meet in Taipei? Maybe around Oct or Nov.
  5. Darn :sad: I usually go back in March!
  6. I'm planning to visit in November/December if it all works out. Would love to meet up as well.
  7. Aww sorry I think i'm going to miss you by just a month or so!
  8. Update: just booked my tickets. Will be in Taipei 11/22-12/6 if anyone wants to meet up.
  9. darn it, i booked mine around dec 28 to jan 12,09 :'( will anyone be around taiwan during these time? I have to visit JP for about 5 days, but I'll be free before and after JP trip :yes:

    any PFer up for a meet in Taiwan at all? I'll stay in Kaohsiung, but can take subway north :flowers:

  10. Classic Chic

    Too bad I'm not going to be in Taiwan at this time of the year. But you mentioned Kaohsiung, that's the city I go back to with my family on vacation and my birthplace. And I also read thru the tpfer Austin meetin, I see you are from SA and I'm just from Victoria. Such a small world!;)

  11. I'm so envious! I'll probably be there in March :sad:
  12. ^ i have to go back during winter-hide my fat in thick clothes! I'm wayyy above standard cousin in law is 165 cm & 43 kg AFTER she gave birth :mad:
  13. ^I will just missed you, classic chic!

    My mom is nagging me to lose a few pounds every time I get her on the phone, so I will look like all the girls in Taiwan. :shocked: But, since I can never fit into a S there no matter what, I'll just wear hoodies everyday and pig out when I get back.
  14. I feel the same way...I need to lose so much if I want to be at the normal weight in Taiwan!!

    But the food is in the world!
  15. ^I totally agree, ladystara. I can't wait to go to the night markets and drink a ton of boba. My bff is taking me to Mitsui Cuisine for Japanese food as well. I'm afraid I may return to the US with a 10-lb weight gain.