Any Pfer's in H-town free on January 25th

  1. Hey! Are there any Houston or near Houston Pfer's free on January 25th to have a visit to LV?

    The boutique is having a mini-event (open to the public) and they are getting in the runway items and having the models come. There should also be some champagne. I normally don't go to these but I am looking at getting some of the runway items and want to check them out IRL!

    It starts at 10am! And I am going to be there early! It would be cool to have a PF get together as I would love to met some of you!
  2. Thinking about it, but I'm not free until after 6pm =[
  3. Count me in.. San Antonio on the 24th~~ Houston on the 25th..
    Whew!! I am may need to re-shoe my Horse!!:yes:
  4. Oh no. I'll be a work. :sad:
  5. Well then join us for lunch!!!
  6. Yeah, Jean and I! WHOO HOOO

    I think John may join as well! :graucho:
  7. Great idea!
  8. I'm in!!!! I hope we can bring cameras in? Perhaps I'll have my Partition by then and I can rock it there? :nuts:

    Yay!!! Then afterwards, Jean can treat us to anything we want at Hermes... :graucho:

    Just kidding. :lol:
  9. dang! i wanna go! i want to fly in to Houston to go!!
  10. Aww wish we could have you there! :sad:
  11. You guys will have a blast! Is LV in the galleria there...the one with the ice-skating rink in the middle?
  12. That's it! :yes: :nuts:
  13. What they have Hermes Sno-Cones at DQ???:p:nuts:
  14. I think that is the LV they are referring to. The Houston Galleria. Have they expanded beyond the Galleria 3? I haven't been there in so long. Loved the Galleria!!!! Houston only has one LV?
  15. I love that mall!!! My s.o. has family there...maybe I can talk him in to a trip:graucho: . Have a great time you guys!