Any PFers have home security cameras?

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  1. A little background...

    As some of you know, my fiance's car got broken into last month. Then on Saturday 6/23/07, the car got hit on the front drivers side door. I have my suspisions on who did it, but I didn't witness anything so nothing could have been done. Anyway, that same day we decided to buy a new car. We got the CLK 350 Cabriolet. Now, my fiance's cousin's car got broken into.

    Now to the main question...

    Does anyone have home security cameras? We are going to put some up on our house and future MIL's house (we live next door to each other). We are just sick and tired of cars being broken into every single night. Some neighbors have gone as far as completely emptying out their cars, leaving the glove compartment open and doors unlocked (to avoid broken windows). It's just gotten ridiculous.:cursing:

    Any recommendations?
  2. I can't recommend anything yet, but when my Dad gets them installed, I'll let you know. He's installing them at my house because I consistently have people stopping in front of my house at weird hours of the night and just idling there, then speeding off when I open the curtain to look out. Plus I've had people come in my yard and let their dogs poop, throw trash in it, kids throw rocks at my window, random women walk up to my porch and pick my being a 22 year old homeowner in a family oriented neighborhood :cursing: I hate you're in that situation; my sister just had her Mini Cooper completely trashed by thieves, and now she's moving to a different apartment complex closer to her college!
  3. On the 4th I had a new neighbor throw a fire cracker towards my window, because I had left a note on his car, two nights before, telling him not to park in my red zone. I'll tell you one thing, he was not expecting me to go out there and tell him and his friends off.:cursing:
  4. I've had security cameras on several houses for several reasons. I had a "peeper" and lots of expensive cars. I was able to view everything on my property on my tv. Like if someone came to the door, I could change the channel and see who it was. I also had it hooked up that if I went on vacation I could view my house at any given time on the net. You have to remember to change your video tape regularly. Plus make sure you put the main video hosting unit in a place that no one can find it except you. Just having the cameras doesn't secure everything. Thieves can break in and then steal the video tape so then you can't ID them.

    A very interesting show to watch is "To Catch a Thief" on Discovery channel. It makes you wonder how people forget the most basic things when it comes to protecting their families. People leave upstairs windows open all the time. They leave keys near back doors, etc. Then they leave all their bills, car keys in plain site.
  5. We have a security camera and I think it is great. We have one car parked outsides, a vintage Mercedes. Our other 2 cars are parked in the garage. We keep a car cover on our Mercedes. Last year someone broke in the Mercedes, threw a brick and smashed the side window and ransacked the car. There was nothing to take. We did not even know it was broken in to till a friend saw glass on the side below the car. Then we had cigarette holes burnt in to our car cover by this girl and her 2 friends who live on the street behind us. She admitted this to her friend who is a relative of my neighbor. She was angry that we bought this house, because her best friend lived here---such a stupid girl. So she thought she was cool to put cigarette holes in our car cover. I wish we had a security camera then, her dad is a cop and I think she would have got in trouble with him.
    We got a camera, I think word spread because we have not had a problem since we bought it. We did have a lady knock down our beautiful wrought iron mailbox and the neighbor caught her. She then made it look like she came to the door, but didn't. We called the police and they wrote a police report and her insurance had to pay for a new mailbox and installation of it. It was on tape, she lied about it and couldn't get away. So I feel so much better having a security camera. My security guy told me that there are new digital cameras that you can access with your computer--which would be great if you were not home and wanted to see what was going on and that they could store something like 30 days on the computer. I really think they are worth having, they are not expensive.
  6. We have several security camers for multiple reasons. One near the front door so we can peep at who is at the front door before opening. This way you can see the full length of the person and not just their head. You don't want to open the door to someone dressed in chains and covered in tattoos, do you? What could they possibly want with you? :shrugs:
    We also have another security camera near the garage. There are two doors that someone can break and climb into the garage where we have 3 very expensive cars. Then we have security cameras in the backyard because first, it's a huge piece of property and we have a lot of expensive furniture in the backyard. Not to mention the pool, hot tub, and sauna.

    I think security cameras are great and they aren't too expensive. You won't regret getting them!
  7. Wow. Sounds like some of you need to forget about the security camera and just move to a neighborhood with more decent neighbors! Sorry you gals are going through this. Sounds crazy!
  8. HubbaWubba , gillianna & Think2Day: What brand do you use?

    Thanks for your responsed. I'm def going to check out "How To Catch A Thief".

    OMG, that's horrible.

    Another reason to get a camera installed!

    I was thinking the same thing!
  9. A few friends of mine have rigged up webcams and regularly check them throughout the day.
  10. The problem with my neighborhood is that there's a horrible area right over the hill. Lately it's been a terror. There are constant gun shots throughout the night. They just have to stop coming over the hill, and I think they will once we install the cameras. My fiance went and bought some flood lights to put under our bedroom window (which is on the second floor, over the garage, so they will be hard to get to) and under our living room window (which is on the second floor, over our front gate).
  11. Hah my problem is that I just live on a very family friendly road, with a church right down from me. All of the women in my neighborhood are a lot older than me, and really aren't nice to me at all. Their kids screw around in the area and I seem to be the best target. It's a great place to live, just not when you're as young as I am, apparently. The last people that lived in my house were in their 20's and moved in less than a year and never even bothered to come get the rest of their stuff!
  12. We have a very simple setup to monitor the front and rear of the house which uses two wireless night vision cameras connected to a receiver. The receiver transmits streaming video to the TV and DVD player, which allows me to monitor what's going on and record if needed. The whole system was about $300 and very easy to hook up yourself. If you need more info, feel free to PM and I can pull the product manuals for you.
  13. It looks like others have answered your question, but I too have security cameras around the permeter of the house and I can view live any of them from my work computer. Additionally, we have a variable laser that scans the backyard and an internal alarm.
  14. I live in a very good neighborhood. You really can't pick your neighbors. People are always going to want what you have. In my case, the person that peeped at me was a worker that was doing construction on my house at the time who was the son of the guy that owned the company. So in a way, it wasn't a stranger so to speak. After that incident, I also got gates (where you have to be buzzed in from the street) and fences put around my property.
  15. Do you mind telling me the brand. I definately want to research, because I'm planning on making the purchase by next Sunday. Thx!