Any PFer's from New Hampshire?

  1. I feel like I'm the only girl in this boring state that has an eye for designer mom always picks on me for the thousands of dollars I spend on bags and sunglasses, etc. I feel all alone :crybaby: ....I don't even have any girlfriends who like to shop with me!! lol...i'm lonely
  2. Charissa, what part of New Hampshire are you in? I'm in Boston, but I go up to NH and Maine a lot to do Outlet shopping :biggrin:

    You would think in a "big" city like Boston people would be into shopping and designer bags and clothes, etc., but it's only in the "touristy" areas that are like that. Boooo!!!
  3. I live in Tilton actually....where the outlets are!! lol! They are getting a Tommy Hilfiger in soon...
  4. HI!! I live in Rhode Island, but I knew you lived in NH and when we visited there this summer for our vacation, I did not see ONE other person with a LV bag (or anything designer actually) and I kept wondering what part of NH you lived in!! I kept thinking, if I see a girl with a LV or designer bag....that's GOT to be her!!! ha ha
  5. haha....when I was in high school there were TONS of fakes (coach, lv, chanel, dior) though...go figure!

    Some of my relatives live in West Warwick RI!!
  6. I live in Bedford. A lot of women in Bedford carry designer bags and I see the most sightings of ladies carrying their bags at Macy's in Bedford. I go to Tilton for Christmas shopping and to get that spicy mustard at Harry & David. I have a friend who lives in Derry who is a big fan of LV. We occasionally go to the Boston store together. There's a salesgirl at the OshKosh store in Tilton who collects LV and Coach. She commented on my speedy the last time I was there and I was surprised she knew what it was. She was very sweet and told me that she feels like she's the only one in the Lakes area who is addicted to handbags.
  7. NH in da house! I live in Nashua, convenient for those Boston runs. I love the Coach outlet in Tilton. Much calmer than the madhouse in Wrentham. Has anyone heard anything recently about the outlets that are supposed to be going in at Exit 10 in Merrimack?
  8. no idea....I wouldn't think they would be gettin one in Merrimack...cause Tilton is kinda close to it...who knows lol

    I do know that we are gettin a Kohl's in Tilton...yay! I love Kohl's lol
  9. Bedford is a much more classy city than Tilton....Tilton is like hick-ville sometimes...I am embarrassed to live here at times...thank God I live way out in the woods so no one can rob my house lol

    Harry & David is sooo yummy!

    What's this girl's name at Osh Kosh...she needs to be my friend! lol
  10. nice, it's going to be a PREMIUM OUTLET..........that should be better than the Tanger ones!!
  11. I'm in Southern Maine - does that help??!!! I see nice bags during the tourist season around here mostly - not too many otherwise -- thankfully I've met Traci and she's now my closest purse friend!
  12. ^^Awww. Ditto!!!!!
  13. In Northern NH, I Have Seen Less Designer Bags. But, In Nashua (& Surrounding Areas), As Well As, Manchester ~ Always Beautiful Bags (Baglady14 ~ Yes! In Bedford, Too!).

    Shoes319 ~ Southern Maine (In Season ~ Really The Only Time I'm There).....The Most Beautiful Designer Everything!!!!! :smile:
  14. Charissa,

    I don't know her name. She's waited on me and commented on my bags each time I was there. She told me her aunt lives in a city and she buys used LV's from her. I wish I had asked her name, she was so fun to talk to. I would guess her age to be about 25.

    Anyway, there are purse addicts in our state, they are just few and far between. I'd say the ratio for fakes/real is about 5/1. Did you hear that they just busted a guy for selling fakes at the flea market in Salem?
    Here's the link...