Any PF members in the INSURANCE biz?

  1. I need some advice from someone who is in the insurance business (ie. auto/home)

    I have a major problem and am not sure what to do about it. If there is someone who is in this biz on the board, can you please PM me?

  2. Everything okay?

  3. Yeah Swanky, I just have a huge problem that I need help with and can't really post about on the open forum... it's been a BAD MORNING....

  4. If I were in Seattle, I'd say let's go have a cocktail ('s got to be cocktail hour SOMEWHERE!), 'cuz I had a BAD NIGHT. It won't help your problem, but I would advise it for "medicinal purposes". :nuts:

    Keeping my fingers crossed that someone can help you sort everything out!! :yes:
  5. Hi there ladies,

    Sorry to be so cryptic but a very kind PF member PM'd me and as it turns out she used to work for my insurance company and wrote policies there... so she was extremely helpful!!!!!!! Thats why I love the PF!

    And to my little insurance angel, THANK YOU :heart: :heart:
  6. You are very welcome, Roo. Hopefully everything turns out ok. Keep me posted.
  7. Sorry your morning sucked R. . . glad you were lent a hand!:tender: