Any petite (short) lady with a 35 birkin--how do you like it?

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  1. I'm considering a 35 birkin, black, but afraid it might look silly. Perhaps the dark color will make it seem less massive? Nicole Ritchie's black 35 looks both too big AND chic...what to do? Do any of you ladies around 5 feet tall have a 35, and if so are you happy with it? Do you have photos? Any advice? Mahalo!
  2. I'm about 5'3", and I have a 35 Birkin...and I :heart: it. I don't have any photos of me with it, but I may be able to post some tomorrow.

    My only advice would be to not overstuff it, as it can get really heavy...oh, and the other piece of advice would be to not care if it looks silly. The "rules" go out the window when you really love the bag. I've seen some really tall women with 25 cm bags and some really short women with 40 cm bags, and they looked good cuz they knew how to work it!
  3. I am 5'3"~5'4", about 95~97 lb..I even have shoulder Birkins...One in clemance and one in croc. I have 35cm ostrich as well. In my taste, I prefer 30cm. 30cm Birkin has more lady-like look, but 35cm Birkin is chic and practical at the same time. 35cm fits alot of stuff.

    It really depends on color. If you are not tall and wear 35cm Birkin in REALLY bright color, it might be too much (my SA told me so as well). But it would be okay with neutral or dark colors. Even BJ would be okay...
  4. hmm.. i guess then I have to get a more neutral color looking birkin then.. that sucks... lol.... wish I was several inches taller then.. hehe..
  5. ^^ aspen, we are the same height (but I am loads heavier than you :sweatdrop: :Push: ). And I too prefer 30cm. And definitely on a look out for a 32cm HAC as my next size up. I feel that my 35cm VL birkin is too big.

    PS: you are 97 lbs?! That's 44 kg. OMG! I feel like I am 2 of you, aspen! (well, not quite)
  6. I really wish I was 3~4 inches taller:sad: ...The sadest moment was I wanted a beautiful Hermes knee-length skirt (on a model), the skirt fell into around mid-calf when I tried on...:crybaby:
  7. NO!!! I saw your picture postings before. NO WAY, and Not even close to be 2 of me! You look fabulous and elegant!:yes:
  8. mrs s, is your 35 too big looks-wise or just too heavy?
  9. MrsS, I'm thinking along the same lines. I'm 5'2 (and NOWHERE near 97 pounds) and feel that a 35 looks rather big on me. I'd love to get a HAC 32, preferably in gold.
  10. I'm 5 feet tall and carry a 35cm. Uhm, one thing you should know, I lift weights and am built very solidly because of it. So I can carry a bigger bag. I'm very comfortable carrying a 35cm, more so than a 30cm.
  11. I have a 35cm tan Birkin and I'm only 1,53cm tall. I even passed on a 30cm in the same colour and prefer the look of my 35. It's a great bag for work and the perfect shopping bag.
  12. My height is 156 cm. and I use 35 cm Birkin, 30 cm is too small for me:smile:
  13. Thanks for the full range of opinions, everyone. Sakara, your orange croc 35 posted in the other thread is a beauty and looks great on you. pr1nc355, your advice about not caring if it looks silly and knowing how to work it is priceless. I travel a lot and have a feeling that a 35 would be better for that.
  14. HG...what kind of weight training routine do you do? I know this is off topic, but I trained people in my younger years. I once has too hot of a body! We must chat.

    35's...they are big on us petite ladies. I feel it is a personal preference. You have to decide how you look when carrying.

    Why not a 35 for travel, but a 30 for daily use?

    I also noticed you were a new member...a big WELCOME from all of us here!!!
  15. That's what I'm thinking--a black 35 for travel and a gold 30 for shopping, errands, lunch, etc. HG--a 45 togo--you are one strong lady...

    Thanks for the welcome. I've been reading for the last couple of weeks--suddenly got the birkinlove--and already feel like one of the gang.