Any PETITE ladies with a twiggy? Please come talk to me! :D

  1. Hiya ladies!
    I'm debating whether or not I should get a twiggy.. I'm 5'1, 115 pounds, and I loooove my first. However, I'm starting to get tempted by all the great twiggies out in the world (lol). I'm going to NM SF tomorrow to check out the balenciagas, but just in case there are no twiggies there (:sad:), I was curious.. Any petite ladies own twiggies? Would anyone mind putting up a picture of themselves and a twiggy (plus how tall you are..)? I would so so so appreciate it. TIA:heart:
  2. Me too please! I am thinking about a Twiggy as my next bag but would love to see someone petite wearing it!
  3. ooooh!! i probably shd join the club then!! i am tempted to get a Twiggy too, after seeing it today at the store.. VERY tempted! and plus.. i m petite too!! ^.^
  4. I have a caramel twiggy and am 5'3", 115 lbs... I love it because it carries a ton, but doesn't overwhelm my frame. The ultimate test is that my husband has never commented on the size of the bag before. When he does that, I know it looks akward :love:

    ETA: Here's a picture for size. Sorry for the sloppy clothes in the photo. I'd just gotten back from the gym!
    on arm.jpg
  5. okay, I'm 5'1" but wear a size 'OMIGODICANTBELIEVEIMTHATFAT' I am not brave enough to post a pic. The best way I can describe the proportions is a Speedy 25 is what a B-bag box is, and a Speedy 30 is what a Twiggy is. But the shape is like a papillon (but that is assuming that you're an LV owner?) Please, I'm new at this so if there are any seasoned B-bag owners out there please help! I just came over to the b-bag side from LV.
  6. Hi girls, I'm 5 feet! I'm probably one of the more petite ladies in this forum who own a twiggy! I actually don't like most twiggys because I think they look too big but I really love this color. In the pictures I'm wearing it in 3 different ways. On the shoulder, held in the hand and messenger style. Hope this helps!
    twiggy.jpg twiggy1.jpg twiggy2.jpg twiggy3.jpg
  7. mas! it looks great on you! i wish the twiggy looked that good on me. i'm 4 feet 11 and 93 lbs and the twiggy looks humongous on me. too wide. bleh.
  8. well if it makes you feel better, there was this one shot where I looked too wide. But I swear it was the camera, not the twiggy! :lol:
  9. HAHAHAAHHAHA you are funny. i love that twiggy of yours.
  10. Okay here's another I just took to give you an idea of what it looks like on the shoulder too... sorry for the poor quality, my DH is downstairs watching football so I had to do this solo!
    on shoulder2.jpg
  11. I'm 5'1 92 lbs and I LOVE big bags, so I'm a little bias. In fact, my first Bbag will be a PartTime (yes im patiently waiting for the FedEx guy to come next week) because I wanted a big bag that fits lots of stuff and yellow pads.

    Anyhow, I think the Twiggy looks just right on petities. I was about to order one for myself next week.
  12. kattipie - totally go for a twiggy! i used mine all weekend and she was great - (as always) I think there's a pic of me wearing mine in the PICS thread! :wlae:

  13. I'm 5 feet tall too and now I am convinced that I want a Twiggy! :love:

    Thanks for posting the pics ladies! ALL of you look great! :yes:
  14. I'm 5'2" but not quite petite anymore. :shame: I have tried on the twiggy a few times and some seem too long and some seem okay. Maybe its the color??? I have heard it described as very close to the speedy style and that is a favorite of mine!! Maybe I need to try it again!
  15. I'm 5'2 and about 95-102 (it fluxuates a lot) and when I tried the twiggy on, it was not overwhelming in size, but it seemed a bit long to me.

    I think all B-bags look good, I have a huge Courier and was playing with a Weekender for a few days, and I loved them!

    NM SF had at least a Greige Twiggy when I was there last Sunday. Otherwise, they have mostly the whistle bag and the other new boxy/twiggy like design (I think it's the mirror bag??)