Any Personal Shoppers Here???

  1. I was wondering if anyone on this forum works is a personal shopper???
  2. Anyone??
  3. I'd like to be a personal shopper. I think it might be cool to do on the side=P, I wonder how you get into that as well!
  4. Sorry read right but interpreted wrong I thought we were talking about secret shoppers. :back2topic:

  5. No, but it sounds like a cool job!
  6. I used to do personal shopping. It was great!! You spend other people's $$$, but you also have to understand personal tastes and body types. It's funny b/c now I am a secret shopper. If anyone wants to know more, you can PM me.
  7. not officially, as in I don't get paid for it, but every one I know asks me for advice either before they buy stuff or after they have it(to see if they have to return it). Every morning I havearound 20 emails from friends with pics of them wearing their latest purchases to se what I think plus another 20 or so asking my opinion on things with links. I also get dragged round on plenty of shopping trips.

    I am really honest & never steer my friends wrong, I love each of them enough to tell them if something looks a mess. I also get a lot of requests to help with accesorising outfits.

    so, no, not in an official sense, but it is my passion! I love doing it!
  8. Well thats what happens with me too but I'd like to take it on as a career but how to start!?!?
  9. err, no idea! But its something I have thought about many times too!:biggrin:

    I did start looking into it fairly seriously before I found out I was pregnant. My plan was to print up some business cards. I asked all the people I help for free if they'd be prepared to pay for my services & most of them said yes. They also said they had friends or work colleagues who would be interested too so I asked them to speak to these people & ask if they wouldn't mind me giving them a call.

    Also, thers a couple of local boutiques I love to shop in so I spoke to the manager & explained what I wanted to do & asked if I could leave some business cards with her & have her promote my service & of course, in return I would advise my 'clients' to use her shop. We also talked about my commisson rates, I'd get a percentage of the total spend they made on each trip & they too would get a small discount, say 5% soemthig nliek that, we never got to actaully thrashing out terms as I fell pregnant so al lmy plans were put on hold but its something I definitely want to get into when my baby is older.

    So, my advice would be to speak to local boutiques & get them to promote your services. Definitely get some fabulous business cards printed up!

    And start charging the people you already help!

    good luck with it!
  10. Congratulations on your pregnancy and thanks for all the great advice....
  11. hey, no problem! let us know how it all works out for you:biggrin:
  12. Congrats on your pregnancy:yahoo:!
    Funny, I've always wanted to do this too, but that's on hold until retirement..."maybe". My dream job would be ...A buyer for Neimans, Saks or boutiques.

    One of my friends that knows how much I love shopping and my dream of being a buyer arranged for me to help her aunt who owns a boutique in her home state. I just had to pay for my flight and partially the condo. We went to a 2 day buyer's symposium in Vegas where the aunt asked for my opinion on clothing and accessories. Everything I picked out, she ordered for her boutique located in Washington. I was amazed at how inexpensive the stuff was...that's b/c you buy in groupings. I even got to pick out a few items for my family at the discounted prices with the understanding I'd pay once the stuff arrived at the boutique. I thought it was a really cool experience.

    The downside....once the clothing arrived at the boutique, the aunt's daughter who managed the boutique was not keen on me getting those items (at the prices I was promised by the aunt) so she never sent them. In fact when my friend tried to check on it, she said the sizes I ordered didn't show up.. :confused1:

    Overall...The experience was a lot work, b/c we were on our feet 12+ hours, but it was so worth every minute of it.