Any personal experiences with damier Uzes?

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  1. I've been teetering tottering with the idea of purchasing one as I saw Mick's and was attracted to it. Since I'm expecting a baby soon, I like the fact that it has an open top so things will be easily accessible to me at a moment's notice.

    But how comfortable is it to wear over the shoulder and does it stick out like the Hampstead of lay flat?

    Much TIA! This will help me out a lot!:yes:
  2. I don't have that bag, but your sonogram is awesome!
  3. ^^:flowers: Thank you! That's why I was thinking of a new bag.

    Anyone have this bag??? :sad:
  4. alouette,
    congratulations on the baby!:woohoo:

    I hope it's not too late for me to share my experience of the Uzes.
    I have one that I used for work.

    As u know, it's got an open-top which makes it easy to get things in and out.
    But when u put the bag on yar shoulder, it'll be tucked securely under your arms.

    The shoulder straps r short and stiff.
    Some might not like it, but i prefer it since they wont slide off the shoulder that easily, compared to those of Hampstead.

    There r 2 pockets at the front that will stick out when I shoulders the bag.
    U might want to try the bag on yarself to see if u r ok wif it.

    I would say it's comfortable to wear it on the shoulder.
    But I wouldnt suggest putting too much things (like magazines & laptops) in it cuz it could get really heavy.
    Milk bottles and diapers would be fine.

    Anyway, good luck on bag hunting~
    Please come share the news with us once the baby is delivered.:idea: