Any Patek Philippe Experts?

  1. I was thinking of a Patek for my birthday in August. Is there a scheduled time for price increases? If I knew that the price were to go up soon, I would buy it sooner rather than later and save it.

    Also, is there any point in asking my mom to get it for me when she makes her yearly trip to Hong Kong? Would she be able to get a good deal, or is the price pretty much set world-wide?

    Any information would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Umm.... last I heard, the last increase was in February So you should be safe for awhile... and if you decide to research on that forum, make sure you read the FAQs & do searches for your questions first before posting threads... the moderator on that site does not suffer fools lightly... :rolleyes: he's a bit of a bear... :roflmfao:

    Just wanted to say that I think Pateks are beautiful watches!! :love: Go with what you love!
  3. Thank you so much, that website was really helpful! The price list was intimidating, it is funny that I am interested in one of the least expensive ones! And that one is a $ stretch! But I do love it and it will last a lifetime.
  4. Good luck - I'm hoping to get a Patek Phillippe for my next watch... that price list is super helpful Junkenpo... funny, I love one of the "cheapest" ones too!
  5. Would I be right to say that you are eyeing this quartz 4910/10A Twenty~4 'cheapo,' LOL? Or is it the Aquanaut? There is actually another 'secret' list that has the ultimate Patek prices in them and I want to faint when I see 7 numbers on the same line. :sweatdrop:


    If you really want one, it is best to get it in Asia (Singapore is best but Hong Kong is great) not because the list price is that much different but you can expected a discount of 25% minimum. But if you want something like 5711/1A then forget about a discount because the authorised dealers are selling them at more than the MSRP/RRP price!

    EDIT: Normally Patek raises their price only once a year at the end of February but this year they have raised the price twice already for the US because of the $ depreciation so if you want one, you better get it quick!
  6. Yes, that is the one!!!! I just :heart::heart::heart: it! It sounds like maybe I should just take the plunge...It would be a roughly $1500 price difference if I waited until October and my mom's trip. Plus it would spare her the inconvenience of getting it and bringing it back. (the jeweller here said they would give 10% off retail price)
  7. I really love my Twenty~4 as well, I think this is the best-looking watch for ladies from Patek; I had the 4936G but sold it to my friend because I thought it was so ugly (clearly I am alone on this one, LOL).


    BTW, this is someone else's wrist because my arm is not this wrinkly *joking* :p

    RIGHT NOW, according to my HK price list and Reuters currency converter, the 4910/10A is cheaper in Hong Kong by 2% which will be immediately negated because you will get a worse currency conversion rate than what Reuters say. So it probably makes no difference where to get it and besides you can't claim sales tax from Hong Kong anyway since conveniently it does not exist. Since you don't seem to mind about the amount of discount (though you can probably push them to 15%), get it now!

    P.S. I know I am slightly insane for collecting Patek list prices from around the world :sweatdrop: but I was shopping around for a 3939HP and 1% difference would have translated into so much money that I was prepared to go to Timbuktu if that gets me the best price. Alas it was a fruitless endeavour, LOL because you have to put your name in the Patek Salon itself to get your name as high up the global list as possible!
  8. Wow, you know your stuff, Bee Bee! Thanks for your advice, look forward to being a fellow Patek owner!!!!:balloon:

    Tweety, I see you are on your way to getting a Birkin!:drool: Congrats on that!
  9. You're welcome ladies...& a thank you to Bee..bee for that elaboration! :p It's always nice when an expert weighs in... I have yet to save up enough for my watch of dreams (lange) but it's growing slowly but surely!
  10. I want a Lange 1 as well but it looks way too big on my wrist :push:. I bought my husband the 1815 Flyback Chronograph and I think the finish is actually better than Patek but then I am a bit pretentious so I go for the name Patek first, LOL.

    It is actually a good sign that every lady thinks I am an expert when I actually know next to nothing about Pateks, LOL. I have to have an interview with the owner of Patek to get approved to buy the 3939HP so at least it is a good start that I am vaguely proficient at regurgitating the reference numbers and pretending that I know a lot about Patek, LOL.
  11. WHAT? An interview? That is really something, like you are "adopting" the item, not buying it!
  12. I had the same reaction when I was told about it, LOL until the patek man told me the reason.

    The 3939HP is a minute repeater with tourbillon mechanism which is a complicated watch along with others such as the ultimate Patek watch; the 5002 Sky Moon Tourbillon (which is why you don't see their prices in the list that Junkenpo linked). But there is a problem with Patek grand complications: they are the only watches that instantly goes up in value once you take it out of the boutique. That is perhaps why, aside from 4 year minimum waiting list, there is a screening process with the owner himself because theoretically I can get it and then immediately 'flip' it on the grey market for some serious profit - not that lots of people don't do it anyway, LOL.

    Hey but then when I am old and wrinkly in 50 years time, maybe I can 'flip' it for even more serious money, LOL. Yesterday, there was this 50-year old Patek chronograph, perpetual calendar, moon phase (Reference 2499) at the Geneva Christie’s and some guy/girl forked out $2,280,000 for it when the original owner probably bought it for less than $100,000 (in today's money) in 1951!

    P.S. Oh yes, just thought up of this Patek lucrativeness :graucho:: I have a limited edition (300) STEEL watch from November last year. The last time I checked there was one auctioned off for $42,500 giving more than 100% profit in 4 months and there is someone eBay-ing (item no. 320114382817) another for $41,250!

  13. Thanks - I am super excited now! DH got one for me for passing my board exams in medicine :yahoo: I get it on the weekend!

    Ditto with me, and the one you posted is the one I want, except I'm leaning towards the grey face. My mother mentioned it's so "cheap" since it's quartz and doesn't take advantage of the Patek movement, but WTH... I have a Rolex for that :smile: I've been wanting a rectangular face for awhile, and although I love the Tank Francaise, it's a been TOO mainstream for me.