Any pastel colors in the florentine satchel

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  1. What happened to all the pastel colors they are so blah now. Thank you
  2. The florentine line is slowly being phased out. Your best bet is Ebay.
  3. I see this is a very old thread but it’s close to the info I am seeking please. I don’t own a pastel or light color Florentine bag, and I’m wondering how a pink or dusty blue looks with patina. I would like a pink to stay pristine pink - but it is leather. Dooneysistas, please share your pastel knowledge. I will out but back tonight. Have a stellar day!
  4. Does anyone own a dusty blue or pink Florentine? Is it acquiring patina yet?
  5. I have those colors from years ago. But I haven't used the handbags enough to be able to judge. To me they look the same as they always did.
  6. LavenderJunkie - Thank you for your response. I’ve searched and searched online for ANYTHING on this and you would think with the millions of leather videos there would be AT LEAST a few addressing how Dooney’s pastel color ages. Zero so far. I’d like a dusty blue satchel but before spending that much $ I would like to know what to expect. Argh!
  7. Sorry I couldn't give you more info. I've ever had a Florentine leather of any color patina, probably because I switch out handbags so often. Even the ocean blue, red, and baby pink that I have conditioned have not changed color or developed a patina. I guess I don't give my handbags enough use.