Any parrot owners?

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  1. Are there any parrot owners here? We have a Harlequin macaw that is spoiled rotten. He's a good boy... except for the time he chewed my sunglasses (only had them for 2 weeks!). :cursing: Oh yeah and the time he chewed the strap on my handbag... thank god it wasn't a super nice one! Seriously though, he's a good bird and fun to have around.

    Here's a picture of Toby
  2. cute bird--just FYI, this will probably be moved to the "aminalicious" subforum
  3. He is a cutie! We had one just like him when I was a teenager.... When my mother passed away my father sold him... He was a good bird. I now have a conure and a cockatiel, and a pair of goofy dogs. I love my animals, and I thank my mother for being a bird lover.

    Here is my Kiwi, a Nanday Conure:

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  4. First of all what a beautiful bird you have!

    I have 2 cockatiels who think they are cockatoos! I just love them, theyre so hilarious :smile:
  5. Thanks ya'll. Kiwi is adorable, I love the fluffy head look!
  6. My Mom has a Peach face Lovebird (I think thats the right name), which i believe is a member of the parrot family. His name is Houdini, and he is such a sweetie!!

    sm_houdini.jpg sm_DSCF2214.jpg
  7. I don't personally own a parrot but my inlaws do and so does my Grandmother!
    My inlaw's bird is hilarious....and annoying.
    My father inlaw is from Argentina and taught the bird some Spanish and :censor:! :amazed:Too funny.
    My Grandmother's bird is always screaming "Shut Up!" "Shut Up!":nuts: and "I'm hungry!", when I phone her. This makes our phone conversations very interesting.
  8. Beautiful birds, ladies! I have Dooney, a jenday conure. I hope to be owned by a macaw when my son gets a bit older. My girl is spoiled rotten as well. Her fave game is getting my hoop earrings off my ear. She puts them in her beak and takes off....

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  9. :lol:
    Toby is a big talker but thankfully he doesn't swear... yet! He does yell at our dogs or tell them to go lay down. In addition to our little dogs, we have a big ol 130 lb German Shepherd that Toby will chase out of the room. Poor dogs!
  10. My little conure always scared my min pin out of the room too! It's funny that the big German Shepherd is scared of Toby. :smile: Mine also scares my hubby out of the room. She always flies at him- I think it's because she knows he is a little nervous around her.
  11. :lol: Parrots can be so darn pushy!! Our little dogs know what that beak can do and they stay far away from the striking zone!

    This isn't the greatest pic but you can see the tenative look on Manto's (GSD) face as Toby tries to get him. LOL

  12. Oh, I just love that pic! That captures the look on Manto's face perfectly.
  13. :smile:

    I have an African Grey (My Christian Louboutin- b/c of her red tail!) she says anything. I also have a lilac-crowned amazon parrot, a sun conure, and a cockatiel. I used to have a blue-fronted ccnure, but he passed a few months ago :crybaby:
  14. love call the parrots :love: can all parrots talk?>:confused1:
  15. mine can! anyone else?