Any Pacific Northwest ladies?

  1. Just wondering if any of you in the Pacific Northwest, and if so where?
    It would be fun to 'meet'.
  2. YES Here I AM!!!! Portland OR
  3. oh I know there are more than just us....:crybaby:
  4. Portland area here, too!
  5. Sweet! Thanks for posting Leah! :party:
  6. There are a couple of others around the Seattle area, including me!
  7. I would be willing to drive to Seattle! :yes: :yahoo:

  8. There's better shopping there! :yahoo:
  9. Used to live in Eugene until last winter, and now live in Sun Valley Idaho. My kids still live in OR, though, so if I come to visit them, I'd love to meet some other PFers! (late Aug/early Sept, I will be out that way - in Portland/Eugene)
  10. me me me!....west of portland

    i always thought it would be way fun to have a NW meet, but live too far away from any of the bigger cities to plan one. i'd come though!
  11. Oh yeah!! In the Seattle 'burbs but I get into the city quite often :wlae: .
  12. I live near the Corvallis,OR area (GO BEAVS). Don't know if I can make it to Seattle (I have 2 little ones) but would be interested.
  13. ME, ME... In the Seattle area!!!
  14. I'm in Vancouver (the Canada one, not the Oregon one :P ).
  15. I'm in Redmond, WA! :smile:
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