Any Oxblood Bbags out there?

  1. I just purchased a City bag in oxblood from BalNY and will be receiving it next week. Do any of you have an oxblood bag you can post a picture of?
  2. Do a search in the Pictures and Documenting Leather Colours threads under "Grenat" (that's the official name for the colour) and you'll come up with a ton of great pictures:smile:
  3. Here are a few pics of Grenat bags I have. DSC02304.JPG


  4. Your bag is beautiful! I haven't seen a grenat bag yet, just a color swatch! I think I'm going to love it! Thanks so much for posting your bag!

    How do you like that color?
  5. Congrats! :yahoo: Grenat is a great color! Here is a pic of my city. Looking forward to seeing your pics when it arrives. :smile:

  6. Here are two pictures of my oxblood day bag. Not great photos (I took them from my cell phone, sorry....) but maybe it will give you a general idea.


  7. Yeah, I LOVE the color but I hate to admit I have not used my Grenat Part Time yet!:shrugs: I have had it for 2 months now and still haven't used it. I love the style and color but I just ordered a Grenat Purse so one will have to go. I'm not a bright red girl so that is why I got a grenat bag because it's a color without being too loud. You'll love it!
  8. Congrats, glad you decided to make the jump and get one. You will love the grenat city. Such a beautiful bag.
  9. OMG ladies! After seeing all these pictures of your beautiful bags I know I'm going to absolutely love it!!! The color looks perfect! I'll definitely be counting the minutes until I recieve it!! I'm so's like being a kid on Christmas Eve!
  10. You know...the choice I think was PERFECT. I always petted the Grenat at the store when I went to visit the B-Bags, the leather was always so gorgeous on this particular colour and the colour is just so versatile. I can't wait to see it on you!
  11. Beautiful bags, ladies!:love: Congrats!:yes:
  12. Here's my Grenat City in daylight... Congratulations on yours - you will love it!
    Grenat City sunshine.jpg
  13. Here's my grenat first. I love this color, it matches w/ everything. I think I might get a grenat city too.
  14. lovely pics~!
  15. so pretty :smile: