Any owners of an Exotic skin LV piece? (alligator, ostrich, lizard)

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  1. Any owners of an Exotic skin LV piece? (alligator, ostrich, lizard)

    I am thinking of buying a shiny alligator wallet but they are just so expensive! Almost $4000 USD, I think. I owned an Hermes one in black crocodile but I lost it recently :crybaby:

    I also thought about getting the luggage tag keychain (the one with the hardware LV logo with alligator trim) but even that is $550!

    To the lucky owners, do you think it's worth it?
  2. I think it's worth it! It's so classy!
  3. My store had a few exotic skin pieces in at the party, including that luggage tag. They had this wallet, I swear it was the ludlow for $2,200.00
  4. Dp you mean full exotic or trim as well. B/C my sister has an oskar and is always afraid to use it b/c of the python.
  5. I went to the soho store the other day and talk to Coco and she showed me a speedy in crocodile. it was stunning!
  6. I may be crazy but I am just not a huge fan of exotics!?! :shrugs: I KNOW I am probably WAY in the minority. I like it as a trim but not all over the entire bag, wallet, boots. etc... I can look at those items and think wow that's gorgeous but not something I would prefer over something with less skin. Does that even make sense!?!

    My dad bought me ostrich skin boots one year for Christmas and I was like :wtf: I wonder what gave him any idea I would wear those!?! LOL However, I was grateful and did wear them...LOL
  7. i love exotics but don't have any right now:crybaby:
    but i would love to have an alligator birkin or a balenciaga alligator weekender:drool: :drool: :drool:
    i know lv_addict has an oskar waltz with some ostrich on it...
  8. I have a couple of bags with some exotic trim. I'd LOVE to own a croc Kelly one day!:drool: :love: But that is something that is not in the near future.:sad:
  9. ooooooh croc kelly:drool:
    im sure you'll get one one day!:yes:
    what color do you want?
  10. I think I would like one in either brown or blue!:love:
  11. I want an alligator keepall 50 but will never have the $ for it lol!

    nice to dream though lol
  12. the kelly in blue croc is TDF but i would prefer the kelly in blue ostrich and the birkin in croc:nuts:
  13. OMG Was it a special order?? i inquired about a black speedy 30 in croc a while back. It was about 12k, but this was before the price increase and also taking into account the special order fee. The SA that helped me with the request said that LV was going to include the speedy in the exotic line so although the bag would have to be ordered I would not have to pay the estra for a special order. I know I'm probably in the minority here but I would much rather have a croc speedy than a croc birkin

  14. I totally agree.
    I just don't get those Birkin bags. You have to undo the lock, take the straps out and open the bag....too much work.
    If you leave it open, which I've seen, it looks so sloppy.
    To me those Hermes bags are nice to look at but not functional at all.
    Now I'd like to hear more about that speedy.
    Any pictures of it??:yes:
  15. LOL. This is turning into a thread about Hermes exotic skins!