any outlet or good malls around somerset collection?

  1. we plan on driving to michigan tomorrow from toronto, destination is somerset collection mall, just wondering if there's anywhere else worth visiting while we're in the area, especially outlet malls...tia!
  2. The Somerset Collection itself is pretty amazing!! Within the Collection, there is just about every boutique, designer, etc. that you could ever want or imagine!! There is also an NM Last Call Outlet in Ann Arbor, which is about 20 minutes away and I believe that there is also another less "upscale" mall in Troy that is not too far from Somerset.
  3. Down the street from Somerset is Nordstrom Rack which has a killer shoe department , about 20 minutes from there is Great Lakes Crossing in Abrun Hills which I assume the person above meant , not Ann Arbor which is about 45 minutes aways
    There is also Oakland Mall which is okay
    here is the site for Great Lakes Crossing , has lots of stores

  4. thanks for your reply choozen1. is the Nordstrom rack a stand alone store? is it walking distance from the somerset collection mall?
  5. Its not in walking distance but it is one Big Beaver Road which is the rd Somerset is on. Its less than 15 minutes from Somerset , I am terrible with directions but there is also a REI , Mens Wearhouse , Bath and Body Works , a Container Store adn I think some huge pet store in the same shopping area , there are a bunch of really nice resteraunts in the area ,
  6. great spot to visit - my favorite shopping Michigan! Unfortunately, I live about 250 miles from Somerset, so I don't know any better directions - my mom always drives!!