any other winos out there?

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  1. i'm sure there are, as this forum has many participants with some great taste :smile:

    wine is my husband's and my shared hobby... which admittedly we're partaking a little more of in these strange times (he works in healthcare so comes home every night pretty stressed out and ready for a glass of something good). it's strange not to be able to hang out with our dear wino friends, which we're now doing via "facewine" on saturday nights.

    any other winos out there thinking that nice wine should never be saved for the "special occasion", but that every day is special and deserves a glass of something good??

    (and yes, i realize that this is a strange thread to start so early in the morning, but i've got more time to kill before work now that i don't have to spend time getting dressed up or driving! :smile: )
  2. I love wine! And yes I’m also partaking more currently lol
    I’m still sort of stuck in saving the expensive stuff for occasions. I can’t afford to drink the pricey stuff as often as I’m drinking right now lol
  3. Raising my hand. You are sooo not alone.
  4. have you tried anything new and interesting lately? we're in general trying to drink from our cellar and not purchase much outside of club shipments, but we did just sign up for somm select's blind 6 club which we're going to do (virtually) with friends this weekend. they ship you 6 wrapped bottles to blind that i'm kind of excited about. we're stuck in a rut with our favorite regions/varietals so thought this would be a fun way to try something we wouldn't typically choose ourselves.
  5. :biggrin:

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  6. Hell yeah, what are you drinking?
  7. i just opened a la sirena rosato - it's a rose' made from primitivo grapes out of ca. SO excited that it's finally warming up here and i can open the rose's, vinho verdes, and sauv blancs more often :biggrin:
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  8. OMG....proud wino here! We always have a glass of a nice cab, blend, or merlot with dinner. After all, it's the Food and Wine magazine, and not Food and Water magazine. There are some absolutely delicious reds out there in the $10 bucks range that we found much to our liking. In these days of staying safe at home, it really has become a pleasant ritual to have a glass to finish up that pesky half bottle that we didn't drink at dinner by the fire pit or on the dock.
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  9. Hey I’m new to the forum but most definitely a wino and a foodie.
    Chilling a bottle of Geoffroy 'Empreinte' Brut 2009 as we speak. Have been quite in to growers champagne lately.
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