Any other ways to save on tax?

  1. Are there any stores not located in NY that I could buy Chanel from and save on tax? Those of you that live outside NY can buy from Bergdorff Goodman and Hirshleifer's without paying sales tax since they are only located in NY. The only other alternative I know of is Saks and what I was looking for, they do not carry:sad: Any ideas would be appreciated!!! Thanks!!!
  2. An idea for you, I've seen tPFers mentioned this on earlier posts: how about asking BG or Hirshleifer's to send your purchases to your friends/relatives who are out of state, and then ask them to mail it to you? Or alternatively, when you go visit them, you can pick it up? Just an idea... :idea:
  3. All Saks who carry Chanel are tax free. I remember having my Chanel sent to me from Boston Saks Fifth (I think was Boston). Other than that, I don't know how else you could save on tax unless you live in Oregon.
  4. I have mine sent to my ILs sometimes...
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I guess there aren't any other single location stores other than the ones in my original post. :nogood:
    I have to think of who I can send it to out of state. Thanks again!!
  6. Chanel stores also send tax free to states that don't have a Chanel boutique. For instance I live iN CA, so i have my purchses direct from Chanel sent to my friend in AZ (no boutique= no tax)

    OTherwise you have to find a good SA at Saks or NM who will ship to you tax free.

    Or do have BG or H- send to someone out of state and reship back to you.
  7. What store other than Hirshleifers and BG are you shipping from? I thought all the stores that carry Chanel have a location in Illinois? Please tell, I would love to know more!!! That can be a huge difference!

    Thanks so much!