any other way to get a dust bag??

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  1. i have heard from some PFers that the keepalls do not come with dust bags. however, i have seen photos of keepalls with them, and also heard others say theirs came with one. i spoke with eluxury about it since that's where it came from -- they said they don't come with one and don't have replacements and to contact 866. i did, and she said the same. BUT I WANT ONE. i looked on eBay but there's only one up there and i am unsure of authenticity. she said it came with her carryall, but i dunno, doesn't seem right. plus it looks like a lot of people want it, it's already over $30. should i call a store directly and ask them? i don't care if i have to pay for one...
  2. It doesn't hurt to go to your nearest store to ask for one. If you have a good relationship with an SA, it shouldn't be a problem. ;)
  3. i don't really :sad: i haven't had the chance to form a relationship with one as my bags just came from wherever i could find it. but i am taking my luggage tag to a store to be heatstamped hopefully soon, maybe they will be able to help me.
  4. ^Yah, I would ask when you get the tag heat stamped.
  5. I have a mono keepall bandouliere 50 and it absolutely did come with a dust bag. My bag is from 1999 and was purchased at Macy's Valley Fair (before Macy's stopped selling LV there to make way for the current boutique). Maybe things have changed, but at least at one point, dust bags were with the keepalls.
  6. My keepall 55 didn't come with a dustbag.