Any other wallets similar to the Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch?

  1. I'm looking for a new wallet and I love the shape/design of the MJZC, but am looking for other possibilities.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    My wishlist:
    ~Zip Top
    ~Silver hardware


    (this is the MJZC, just for reference.)
  2. I love the zip clutch, I would love to get one but my wallet won't let me!! I know Tano has some zip clutches on their website. Of course not as cute as the ZC.
  3. I love MJs zip clutch - it really is fabulous with the straight zip top.
    I've seen some authentic ones on eBay from time to time & in pretty good shape too - but they still run a little high around 150 & up depending on condition. I haven't really seen anything else like it with the same dimensions. I've seen some larger ones similar but way too big to be a wallet/clutch.
  4. I think Cole Haan and Coach have some nice zippy wallets that are not too expensive. But that are not straight zip. It is very rare to find the straight zip. My only problem with the MJ Zip Clutch wallet is that it is really heavy -- empty!
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. They seem to reinforce that that MJZC is the apex of straight zip...
    That Tano is nice, but it kinda looks similar to the Hobo style... speaking of which... HOBO! Maybe?
  6. I just purchased a MJZC 2 weeks ago. I must say it is the best wallet of all times. I looked everywhere for something simliar that I would be satisfied with. I am so glad I did not settle for anything less. It don't find it heavy at all. Get it you won't regret it.
  7. Grrrr. Calibaggal, I'm beginning to suspect this might be the case... Can I ask where you got your clutch?
  8. ^^^ I have 1 also I got about a month or 2 ago - got @ the purse store during one of their 25% off promos. On their site it doesn't show any available right now but any other future promos I'd check them out - 100 off isnt too shabby!
  9. Style_Baby. I got my ZC from the Marc Jacobs boutique in West Hollywood. They had one in Bark with nickel hardware. I wear alot of silver and did not want the gold hardware. I must say, I admire my ZC everyday;)
  10. kbell~I'll keep checking back there. Thanks!

    Calibaggirl~Thanks for the tip! I didn't know they had the nickel hardware in the stores... Perhaps I'll just go straight to the source, since most of the zc's I've been drooling over have been in Nordies.

    mockinglee~ lol @ the MJ- lite... :p I've also checked out his vinyl line, but it just doesn't hit the nail, you know?

    Argh!!! This stupid thread is just making me want one more!!!
    Alas, my checkbook is saying "um, excuse me, are you mad???" To which I say, "be quiet, I'm finding you a new home..."
  11. i have a zippy wallet from lv but it doesn't look like that i wonder how much that one cost