Any other traumatized moms of kindergarteners?

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  1. As this is the first full week of school I am still having difficulty with the concept of my baby going to the "big boy's school". :crybaby: Any other moms out there feeling my pain?

    Look at this face.... he's still a baby right??? :sad:

    VARIOUS PICS(WORK & BEN) 025 resize.jpg
  2. hehehe, what a cute little man!!!
  3. ^^^ Thanks!! I certainly think so-- but I'm biased...
  4. LMAO! Oh..I feel your pain..My "LITTLE ONE" just entered MIDDLE school at 5th grade..and I STILL CRIED..LOL..Im pathetic......They grow up so FAST!!!
    Good news is that her teacher lets me come in to her gifted class to help out everyday so I get to see her!( YES..Its so hard to let go!!)
  5. He will do fine....I am sure he loves being a big boy now. My kids are in 2nd and 5th grade so school is no problem for me. My dear friend has twins that just started kindergarden and she is a basket case...... He son has no problem at the bus stop but her daughter is fine until it is time to get on the bus then starts crying, then my friend tries to NOT cry. I think her daughter is testing to see what she can get away with because her Mom will cave in, which all of us do...... Her daughter loves school. I think it is easier when your kids go to preschool then kindergarden doesn't seem so bad. I miss my kids so much during the day because we had such a fun summer together but they need to move on and are making new friends and having so much fun.
    I know it is hard but things will get better.
  6. ^^^ Congrats on the gifted class-- you must be so proud!
  7. Yeah-- he LOVES it!! He even teases me-- saying Mom I have to go to kindergarten and then I'm going away to college!! :P
  8. I took mine off to college two year ago and didn't shed a tear.

    Just wait until your little darlings get to be annoying teenagers and you'll understand why!:angel:
  9. My guy started 1st grade last week and this week, they started walking up to their classrooms by themselves (we are no longer allowed inside the school-we have to kiss them goodbye at the front door and send them off-my son's classroom is down the hall, around the corner and up on the 2nd floor)-I am traumatized by that.

    I remember leaving him that 1st day of kindergarten last year-I feel for you
  10. I have a teenager too- That's why it was so hard seeing my little guy off!
  11. Denise-- I was surprised when the teacher said to just drop them off at the door-- we weren't even allowed in the classroom on the first day!
  12. You have a teen and a kindergarten kid? Who do you think you are-me? LOL My older boy is in his 2nd year of college.

  13. ^^LMAO!!!
    HEY! I actually have an annoying teenager too(she is 16 and graduating a year early THIS YEAR!).....I still cry with her too.....No matter how annoying and obnoxious she is!~!LOL!!!!;)
    They will always be my babies.....:love:
  14. Wow- that's quite a spread!! LOL!! Mine are 13 and 5.
  15. Aw, of course he's still a baby. He's so cute! If it makes you feel any better, my oldest is in 10th grade and my baby is in 7th, so you will live through this! I remember so well when the first one went off to kindergarten. I was all choked up. Last year was kind of rough also because my youngest was leaving elementary and going to middle school. We have a great elementary school with only about 300 kids, but our middle school has about 1,500! I couldn't imagine my baby in a place like that, but she's just started her second year at middle school.